Exemption from Prep Program

Time-out students, new students or students who are already studying in the Prep Program can be exempt from the Prep Program if they certify internationally recognized test results taken within the last two years of their application to the university. These students can start their graduate or undergraduate studies that they have enrolled in only either at the beginning of Semester 1 or Semester 2.

Students can be exempt from the preparatory year if they certify the following results from these exams;




First Certificate in English (FCE)

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE)


PTE Academic

All Departments








In accordance with Article 6, Paragraph 3, Sub-Paragraphs d and m of the Center for Student Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) Foreign Language Equivalence Recognition Directive, the following criteria must be present for any exam shown in the table above to be considered equivalent to the BİLET exam:

d) If the exam is administered in Turkey, it must be administered in a facility of a state university,

m) The exam must not be a closed session exam; the exam must not be closed to other applicants and/or collective applications outside of this group.

IMPORTANT NOTE: TOEFL documents shown during enrollment should contain the code number 8256 which is the code specially designated to İstanbul Bilgi University. Documents that do not contain the code number 8256 or those that have been previously taken will not be accepted. Additional result reports can be requested by calling the center, by connecting to the TOEFL online registration system or by sending a Score Report Request Form that can be obtained from the TOEFL IBT Information and Registration Bulletin.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: TOEFL Home Edition is not accepted. Also, the exams taken abroad must be administered in an authorized exam center under supervision.