BİLET Stage 1 (Placement Exam)


BİLET Stage 1 has two aims: It tests both the students’ level of English and determines the students who are able to take BİLET Stage 2. It consists of 20 reading questions, 30 grammar questions and two short paragraph writing questions.

Students who receive a grade of 45 or higher (out of 70) from this exam can take the BİLET Stage 2 exam. Also this exam, result determines the level of the student in the Prep Program. The scores and the levels are as follows;

Placement Result


0 – 15

Level 1

16 – 27

Level 2

28 – 36

Level 3

37 – 44

Level 4

45 – 70

Level 5


Due to legal reasons, an example of this placement exam is not given here. This exam resembles many internationally given multiple choice placement exams.