Extra Curricular Assistance and Support

The BİLGİ Writing and Learning Center (BWLC): is a place, where students can improve their writing with the help of tutors or student mentors (who have had special training).   Students can also benefit from the many writing, reading, grammar and speaking workshops offered weekly on topics students are learning in their courses. Workshops are especially designed for each level to ensure that the content reflects what the students are learning during class. The workshops are offered during the level’s two hour break, for the students’ convenience.   The Bilgi Writing and Learning Center offers the support needed for students to improve their general writing, reading, grammar and speaking skills. Students are updated about the workshops by announcements in their virtual classrooms.

CALL Centers   (Computer Assisted Language Learning centers) :  In the English Language Program there are computer labs for student’s use. The Call Centers reinforce students’ language skills and learning points from their lessons.  Students have the opportunity to improve their English by doing activities on specially designed online learning websites.  Students can also watch popular music videos and films with subtitles to enhance their listening skills.

Instructor’s Tutorials: Instructors have scheduled hours to provide students with extra support through tutorials. This students the opportunity to work with instructors one on one or in small groups. These tutorials offer students support by giving additional help students on difficult topics or answering any further questions from students.

Online Studies: Students are given two passwords with the purchase of their book.  These passwords allow students to access online studies. These online studies provide digital materials that go along with the students’ course books.