Students are expected to attend lessons with original books. Pirated copies and/or photocopied versions of the books are illegal according to the copyright law and are not allowed in the classroom.

Students may purchase pre-packaged level specific book sets from the bookstore located on campus. Due to a special deal with Cambridge University Press, the bookstore offers the books at an incomparably special price.

Along with their set of books, each student is given certain passwords which allow them to access their online studies. These passwords are required for doing in and out-of class online studies. Below is the book list for each level;

Level 1

Empower A1 (Cambridge)

Level  1R

Face2Face Starter (Cambridge)

Level 2

Empower A2 (Cambridge)

Unlock Reading & Writing 2 (Cambridge)

Level 2R

Face2Face Elementary (Cambridge)

Q Skills for Success Reading & Writing 1 (Oxford)

Level 3

Empower B1 (Cambridge)

Making  Connections  1 (Cambridge)

Level 3R

Face2Face Pre-Intermediate (Cambridge)

Q: Skills for Success Reading & Writing 2 (Oxford)

Level 4

Empower B1+ (Cambridge)

Academic Encounters (Life in Society) (Cambridge)

Level 4R

Face2Face Intermediate (Cambridge)

Skillful Level 2 (MacMillan)

Level 5

Empower B2 (Cambridge)

Academic Encounters (Human Behaviour) (Cambridge)

Level 5R

Face2Face Upper-Intermediate  (Cambridge) 

Skillful Level 3 (MacMillan)