Please click on the link for the books which will be used in Term 4 in Academic Year 2019-2020.

Level 1

Empower A1 (Cambridge)

Level  1R

Face2Face Starter (Cambridge)

Level 2

Empower A2 (Cambridge)

Unlock Reading & Writing 2 (Cambridge)

Level 2R

Face2Face Elementary (Cambridge)

Q Skills for Success Reading & Writing 1 (Oxford)

Level 3

Empower B1 (Cambridge)

Making  Connections  1 (Cambridge)

Level 3R

Face2Face Pre-Intermediate (Cambridge)

Q: Skills for Success Reading & Writing 2 (Oxford)

Level 4

Empower B1+ (Cambridge)

Academic Encounters (Life in Society) (Cambridge)

Level 4R

Face2Face Intermediate (Cambridge)

Skillful Level 2 (MacMillan)

Level 5

Empower B2 (Cambridge)

Academic Encounters (Human Behaviour) (Cambridge)

Level 5R

Face2Face Upper-Intermediate  (Cambridge)

Skillful Level 3 (MacMillan)