Frequently Asked Questions

You can get detailed information about these questions from the English Preparatory Program Student Handbook or the Bilgi Prep website.

1) Is one year enough to complete the English Prep Program?

If I start from level 1, can I manage to learn English within a year?

İstanbul BİLGİ University’s English Preparatory Program is designed in such a way that all successful students, regardless of their admission level at the beginning of the academic year, can complete the program by September.  The program is designed in a way that students can complete the program within a year if they attend classes regularly, complete homework assignments and study frequently. Therefore, paying attention to the lessons and studying outside of class is very important. 

2) Do you need to pay a tuition fee to attend summer school?

Students who started from level 1 (and have never failed) have earned the right to study level 5 in the summer, without paying a tuition payment. This is because summer school is part of their scheduled program. Other students must pay a tuition fee if they want to attend summer school because these students have failed in their levels once or more.  Students who do not attend summer school can finish İstanbul BİLGİ University English Prep Program if they can get a 60 or higher from the BİLET exam which is given at the end of summer.

3) Where can I get documentation showing I am a Bilgi Student?

Students can  request documentation showing that they are a Bilgi Student from the SIS page.  Once the document is ready they can pick it up from the Student Affairs Office at the santralistanbul Campus.

Student Information System (SIS)

4) Where can I get my class information from?

First students should check the SIS page for their class information.  If they are unable to find their class information on the SIS page then students can visit the Student Advisor, in room BZ-09.

Student Information System (SIS)

5) How can I learn the results of the Achievement Test?

Students can learn the results of the Achievement Test from the SIS page.

6) I don’t have my student ID with me?  What can I do?

If a student does not have his/her student ID, they can go to Student Affairs Office in room BZ-09 and receive a temporary ID document.

7) How can I appeal my final grade or an exam grade?

If students want to appeal their grade they can write a petition and submit it to the Student Affairs Office in room BZ-09.  They can later receive the results of their petition from the Student Affairs Office representatives.

8) Who can I give my medical report or absence excuse to?

Medical reports or absence excuses should be given to the Student Affairs Office in room BZ-09.

9) Where can I get information about the Bilgi Shuttle?

The shuttle schedule and locations are posted on the Bilgi University home page.

Shuttle Schedule and Locations

10) Is the cost of books included in my tuition payment?

No, all students (regardless of their scholarship) must pay for their books.

11) How can I put my registration on hold or cancel my enrollment?

Enrollment can be put on hold or cancelled through the Student Affairs Office at santralistanbul Campus.

12) Where can I get psychological counseling or support?

There is a counselor available on each campus.  Students can make an appointment online.