General Information

Medium of education in most of the departments at İstanbul Bilgi University is English. Before the beginning of each academic year, students of English medium departments are admitted to their departments for their associate/undergraduate studies following a two-stage BİLGİ English Language Test (BİLET), which is designed to assess whether or not students will be able to follow their academic studies in their respective faculties. Students whose test results are below the required language level are taught English in the Preparatory Department until their English level reaches the expected proficiency. The İstanbul Bilgi University English Preparatory Program teaches English to approximately 2,500 students each year before they proceed on to their first year studies.

The BİLGİ Preparatory Program offers the most up-to-date language learning facilities by means of a certified, friendly and professional team of experienced English language instructors who guide students in achieving the required language level and skills so they can go on to their future academic studies. The main aim of the program is to equip students with the necessary language skills so they can become successful users of English as a means of communication for expressing themselves fluently both in their academic studies and in social circumstances.

The main goal of the English Preparatory Program is for the students to be successful in their academic life and be able to gain the necessary language skills to express themselves and exchange information in real life situations.

Students in the İstanbul Bilgi University English Preparatory Program receive their education with the support of the continuously developing educational technologies.  Students can do activities online in order to develop and practice their practical English skills.  There are Computer Supported Language Learning Centers (CALL Centers) in the English Preparatory Program to support the language learning of the students and these Centers provide easy and fast access to various language learning programs.  Through the computers at the Centers, the students can complete the activities that are part of their learning and by having fun while playing educational games; they can utilize and develop their visual and auditory English.  Students can also watch films with English subtitles by selecting them from the library and CALL Center’s archives.  Students can enjoy music while they work by listening to popular music videos and access any useful web site on the internet. The programs on offer in the CALL Centers are selected based on the needs and suggestions of the students.    

İstanbul Bilgi University’s English Preparatory Program has been designed in such a way that all the successful students, regardless of their admission level at the beginning of the academic year, can complete the program in one academic year. The successful completion of the program depends on the students’ regular attendance, timely submission of homework and making appropriate use of out-of-class resources as suggested. For these reasons, it is vitally important for the students to attend lessons and to have a spotless record of out-of class studies. 

The English Preparatory Program uses every means possible to help students learn English. In today’s world, being able to speak English is nearly as important as having a university diploma and we are delighted to educate and work with our students in the English Preparatory Program and be proud of their achievements.