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Our Mission

Providing guidance to students and alumni to help them realize their potential by enriching their competence, knowledge, skills, and experiences that they will need in their personal and professional lives through career development programs, sectoral meetings, work and internship opportunities. 

Our Goals

  1. Ensuring that students and alumni are informed about the unit and its services.
  2. Providing services, programs, resources, and tools to students and alumni regarding their own identities including their fields of interest, skills, values, personalities, and future goals through self-evaluation, self-reflection, and active exploration.
  3. Providing support to students and alumni so that they can improve their skills in writing an effective and well-structured document about their careers that reflect their personal competencies; ensuring that they understand the desired goal and establish the connection between their current place and where they want to be.
  4. Helping students and alumni acquire the skill of making potential choices while deciding on a job and cultivate their research skills; assisting them in professionally introducing and marketing themselves with regard to their chosen opportunities.
  5. Helping students use the university’s network in order to explore their career options, prepare for opportunities, and establish necessary connections so that they can choose satisfactory careers with awareness.
  6. Providing up-to-date information and resources regarding professions, working areas, opportunities, organizations, and open positions.
  7. Establishing a network with the sector and maintaining these relationships in order to create short-term and/or long-term opportunities for students and alumni.
  8. Sharing the rules that all the students who will do their compulsory/voluntary internship need to observe in order to begin their internship free of problems and finish it successfully.
  9. Ensuring that students do their internship in accordance with their education, career goals, and personality traits by providing internship counselling through one-to-one and group interview methods.


Our Team

Serhat GÜLERTalent Development and Internship Coordination Office Team Leader serhat.guler@bilgi.edu.tr 0212 311 66 85

Tuğçe TÜMER AKMAN Internship Operations and Education Projects Professional tugce.tumer@bilgi.edu.tr 0212 311 72 20

Büşra ERTÜRK Talent Development and Internship Operations Professional  busra.erturk@bilgi.edu.tr 0212 311 64 53

Fatma Hilal BİCİL Internship Planning Assistant Specialist  hilal.bicil@bilgi.edu.tr  0212 311 50 25

Hilmi DÖNMEZ Talent Development and Team Manager hilmi.donmez@bilgi.edu.tr 0212 311 63 20

Cansu COŞKUNSU Talent Development and Sectoral Relations Specialist  cansu.coskunsu@bilgi.edu.tr 0212 311 62 13

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