Trainings for Personal and Professional Development

Trainings are programs organized in collaboration with leading educational institutions, educators, and brands in their fields. Some of these programs provide a certification.

These programs also cover the competencies that will help one best cultivate the skills that are required to be successful in personal and professional fields.

These trainings include Workshops, Seminars, and Panels. They focus on the following subjects:

  • Leadership and teamwork,
  • Working, problem-solving,
  • Ethical and social responsibility,
  • Increasing awareness,
  • Setting goals,
  • Critical thinking,
  • Written and verbal communication,
  • Developing a strategic and entrepreneurial understanding,
  • Taking responsibility,
  • Developing a global perspective,
  • Personal and social development,
  • Cultural awareness and expression,
  • ·      Art and philosophy


Who could attend these trainings?

All our alumni and students who would like attend courses in the areas that they are interested in and about which they are curious can attend the training programs.


How can I learn about the trainings?

You can have up-to-date information regarding active training programs from BİLGİ Talent portal’s Activities section with your SIS account and password. Besides, you can also follow the current trainings on BİLGİTalent Instagram account.

Where do the trainings take place ?

Our training programs mostly take place at santralistanbul Campus. We also have online programs. 

Our training programs are only for BİLGİ students/alumni and are free of charge.