Induction Program



The TDC Induction program aims to;

  •  provide a secure, positive, enjoyable, and collaborative learning environment through the sessions,
  • highlight the importance of ‘developmental training’ concept,
  • highlight the importance of ‘team spirit and collaboration’,
  • help the new instructors integrate into the “Bilgi Language Teaching Context”,
  • introduce the new instructors the basic components of the school system (e.g. materials, teaching, training, administrative issues, etc.),
  • model classroom teaching through sessions designed with the principle of loop input,
  • give newly recruited instructors an opportunity to prepare sample lesson plans appropriate for the Bilgi teaching context,
  • provide participants with an opportunity to internalize the input offered in the sessions through hands-on and reflective tasks,
  • initiate an ongoing developmental training process.

The following procedures apply to the newly recruited instructors;

Attending the Induction Program given by TDC

• Participating in a Lesson Planning Group Project (Initial Training Session)

• Preparing a Lesson Plan (Initial Training Session)

• Having a Feedback Meeting with Teacher Trainers (TTs) (Initial Training Session)

• Revising (if necessary) the Lesson Plan and submitting (Initial Training Session)

• Being enrolled in the Senior Teacher Lesson Observation Process

  • Observing a Senior’s Lesson (Formal Lesson Plan is provided)
  • Writing a Reflection on the Lesson Observed (to be sent to TDC)
  • Having a reflection meeting first with the Senior and then with a TT
  • Observing another Senior as Peer Observation (No Formal Lesson Plan is provided)
  • Writing a Reflection on the Lesson Observed (to be sent to TDC)

• TDC Observation-To be observed by a TT 

• Pre Observation – Observation - Post Observation Meeting (Formal Lesson Plan is needed)

• TDC Observation-To be observed by a second TT (if necessary)

• Peer Observation/Video Observation/Article Readings/Classroom Research etc.  (if necessary)

• Getting one-on-one training from the teacher trainers throughout the process listed above (when necessary)