Community Services

Community Services


BİLGİ at the Services of the Community for 22 years

İstanbul Bilgi University, starting out in 1996 to bring a new perspective and a new approach to the Turkish university life in 1996 by adopting the principle of 'non scholae, sed vitae discimus' (learning not for school but for life) always put the society services among its priorities besides offering higher education.

İstanbul Bilgi University, not just focusing on its own but working devotedly to offer the knowledge of the academy to the people, the society and the city, is an institution not only with great academic achievements, but also a meeting point of open-minded and entrepreneurial individuals, who are aware of the social issues and brave enough to take steps for change.

As mentioned in the vision, mission and principles of İstanbul Bilgi University:

İstanbul Bilgi University undertakes to contribute to science, artistic production, and the development of technology; to educate individuals whose research and problem solving skills have developed in an atmosphere of free thought and an awareness of social responsibility, whose competencies meet international standards, and who in addition to respecting the rules of ethics and of professional objectivity are also open to multi-disciplinary approaches; and to serve society within multi-dimensional standards of quality.

Moreover, "Social Responsibility" is among the values of İstanbul University. One of the main principles:

BİLGİ gives importance to its students and alumni becoming people who are sensitive to and assume responsibility for the problems of society and the world

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