Projects 2016

2006-… Legal Assistance Network (Pro Bono) Since 2006, Istanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Center has been running a pro bono aid network. Just like its predecessors abroad, lawyers work voluntarily. Free legal advice is offered to the non-governmental organizations that have meager means to pay for a lawyer, sometimes individual applicants are channeled through these NGOs for legal advice. In a sense, this is a work the lawyers carry out in parallel with their social responsibility. (For more information:
2016/3 Human Rights Law Summer School at Bilgi - II The aim of the Summer School is to raise the level of knowledge of participants on human rights issues in the world and Turkey that are of vital importance issues. The Summer School targets law students who are eager to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as to conduct research in the field of human rights law.
2016/4 Enhancing Individual Application Procedure by Monitoring Turkish Constitutional Court Judgments The aim of the project is to monitor the execution of Constitutional Court judgments regarding individual applications, determine the problems and make recommendations accordingly.
2016/5 Equality and Human Rights Project  The project, implemented by Bayrampaşa Tuna Vocational High School aims to make young people more aware on human rights, raise their level of active participation in social life, strengthen the cooperation among youth to protect human rights, and foster the development of values based on fundamental rights and freedoms. Within the framework of this project the Center provided a training seminar on "Equality and Human Rights" to high school students. 
2016/6 Technical Assistance for Increasing the Institutional Capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy in the Field of Social Inclusion The project where the Contracting Authority was the Directorate of European Union and Financial Assitance of Labour and Social Security and the Beneficiary was the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, aimed at the development of policies towards the social inclusion of persons with disabilities.  Asst. Prof. Dr. İdil Işıl Gül’s contribution to the project was to facilitate the roundtable designed as an exercise of policy development and the reporting of the project proposals developed during the roundtable. 
2016/7 2016 Annual Conference of European Network on Gender and Violence
The European Network on Gender and Violence (ENGV) is an informal association of approximately 250 scholars and professionals. It addresses a wide range of topics in research on violence against women, gender-based abuse, child abuse, elder abuse and related issues. The network holds annual conferences to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion of the latest European research in the field. 2016 Annual Conference of the European Network on Gender and Violence was organized and hosted by Istanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Center between 1-3 June 2016. The conference brought together around 40 members of ENGV from different European countries and Turkey. Sevinç Eryılmaz from the Human Rights Law Research Center, is a member of the ENGV and has participated in the annual conferences of ENGV since 2013. She took part in the Organizing Committee of 2016 Annual Conference of ENGV and organized the conference at Istanbul Bilgi University with the support of Seda Peker from the Human Rights Law Research Center. 
2016 Survey Concerning the State of Armenian Migrants in Turkey This was an individual field survey run by Hrant Dink Foundation that aimed at finding out the legal needs of the Armenian irregular migrans in Turkey. Asst. Prof. Dr. Lami Bertan Tokuzlu contributed to this study as a researcher.
2016 Project Concerning Strengthening of Migration Management and Support of Turkey’s Intervention to the Migration Crisis
This was a comprehensive project run by International Organization for Migration that Asst. Prof. Dr. Lami Bertan Tokuzlu participated representing the Center as a trainer at a number of migration law seminars for the staff of a variety of ministries 
2016 International Community and Refugees: Responsibilites, Opportunities, Human Rights Violations  This was an initiative by Amnesty International for organizing a one-off international conference on academic work on migration. Asst. Prof. Dr. Lami Bertan Tokuzlu contributed as a researcher representing the Center. 
2016/1 Horizon 2020 Cultural Heritage Project (CoHERE) The CoHERE project will uncover how different perspectives on heritage and cultural politics across Europe relate to each other. From this, the research team will develop a series of policy recommendations for ways in which these various perspectives may be used to promote greater cohesion.
2016/2 Horizon 2020 Future of EU-Turkey Relations: Mapping Dynamics and Testing Scenarios (FEUTURE) FEUTURE (Future of EU-Turkey Relations) reveals the narratives and drivers of the EU-Turkey relationship, the likely scenario(s) for the future, and the implications these may have on the EU and Turkey, as well as the neighbourhood and the global scene. In forward-looking terms, FEUTURE contributes to the knowledge base of the external environment the EU operates in, providing a strong, evidence-based foundation from which the future trajectory of EU-Turkey relations may be drawn.
2016/3 Jean Monnet Module: A ‘Flipped Course’ on EU/FlipEU The first blended course on the EU that utilizes the flipped classroom approach that promotes innovation in teaching. This system allows the students to learn in their own time and the instructors to deploy an instructional strategy and resources that places a higher order cognitive demand on the students, since it engages the students with more creative, evaluative and analytical exercises. 
2016/4 Jean Monnet: European Values at School  The project aimed at providing education and preparing educational materrial on values identified with the EU, such as freedoms, the equality of men and women, rights of people with disabilities and environmental awareness, for teachers and students at primary schools, high schools and occupational high schools, which make up a major part of civil society in Turkey. 
2016/5 Marie Curie - The Europeanization of the Organizations in the Prospect of the European Integration (EUROCS) The project raises key questions regarding the role of youth organizations in the Europeanization process. It adopts a policy analysis framework that combines different analytical approaches to gain new insights about the practices of civic engagement and active citizenship in Turkey and to study the social representation of Europe by the various policy actors involved in the research.
2016/1 Network on Seasonal Labour Migration  A network designed to increase the communication between researchers and academicians,  local, national and international public and private organizations, NGOs and the representatives of affiliated social parties, and individuals working on seasonal labor migration in Turkey; to support partnerships; to collect information on the topic; to create awareness and to recommend social policies. 
2016/2 Child Labor in Seasonal Migratory Agriculture-Round Table Meetings The roundtable meetings were designed to share knowledge and experience by bringing people who conduct research on child labor in seasonal agricultural labour together with stakeholders that may be interested in the subject, and to contribute to  recommendations that will make the problem more visible.
2016/1 Social Incubation Center The Social Incubation Center works as a center that provides capacity development opportunities to rights-based citizen initiatives and civil society organizations. To accomplish this, the center has been making use of different mechanisms and tools ranging from office space and financial assistance to workshops, training programs and mentoring.
2016/2 Civil society support project  The objective of this program is to empower the organizational sustainability and capacities of CSOs in Turkey and to provide an opportunity to develop innovative methods and tools to empower developing civil society in Turkey.
2016/1 Purple Certificate Program / Workshops on Gender with Educational Games The aim of the project was to foster gender equality and awareness at different levels of the educational system.
The aim of this particular component was to raise awareness of gender roles in secondary school students, with the assistance of university students,with whom they can easily relate.
2016/1 Power2Youth: Youth empowerment: Freedom, Honor and Justice:A Comprehensive Approach for Understanding the Exclusion of Youth and Prospect for Youth-Led Change in the South and East Mediterranean”  This was a three-year project designed to conduct a comparative analysis of youth policies, especially in the areas of employment and political participation, regarding youth in South and East Mediterranean countries, to determine the areas where youth are socially excluded and the reasons why they are excluded, to make policy recommendations based on those reasons so that youth can experience greater social inclusion. 
2016/2 Youth Research Fund The purpose of the fund is to support research conducted in the area of youth on the topics of participation, social rights and gender. 
2016/3 Project to support the active participation of youth organizations in the forum.  The purpose of the project is to help youth organizations function more effectively in their areas of operation by mentoring working groups they formed as part of the forum. 
2016/4 Look youth are speaking now. The project is designed to empower youth by making them aware of the problems they have in their lives. Panels and meetings where young people and academicians could meet and exchange ideas about these problems were held.
2016/5 “Shaping European Youth Policies in Theory and Practice – Seminar on Youth Policy Making” This is an international project where the knowledge and experiences of young people coming from different European countries and people who work with youth with regard to youth policymaking processes and strategies for increasing youth participation in these processes are shared.
2016/1 Educational Strategies for LGBTI Rights Project The project was conducted with the participation of students, teachers, activists and specialists. Within the framework of the project, which was supported by the Swedish Consulate in Istanbul, strategies were developed to deal with discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in educational settings.
2016/2 Certificate Program on Gender for Students from Faculty of Education  The program is designed to foster gender equality in education
2016/3 Equal Participation in Education Project  The purpose of the project is to enable educators to take an active role to foster equal participation of people with disabilities in education. Research on the Disability in Textbooks was conducted and the results were revealed in an Evaluation Report. Based on this report, a Recommendations Report containing concrete recommendations for how disability should be dealt with in textbooks will be published. In addition, alternative educational materials will be developed as part of the project. 
2016/4 Teachers Network  The aim of this project was to work and think together with teachers to support them on their personal and professional journey and to find ways to solve the problems and meeting the needs.
2016/5 Politics of Memory and Forgetting in History Textbooks: Network Building for Historians and History Educators in the Context of Armenia-Turkey Relations As the first step of a long-term collaboration, the project aims at developing a network consisting of historians and history teachers for capacity development and experience exchange. At the end of the project, a workshop will be held with participants from Armenia and Turkey. Two articles - one analyzing history books and the other looking at conceptual alternatives - will be written.
2016/6 Inclusion of Roma and Migrants Children in Schools: Trainings, Open Discussions and Youth Volunteer Activities The purpose of the project is to encourage the inclusion of Roma and migrant children in schools and to get youth to participate in volunteer work. In addition, it aims at supporting initiatives in the area of volunteering to influence policymakers and decision makers. 
2016 /1 Identification of the Possibilities and Applicability of Clean Production in Industry (SANTEM) The SANTEM Project analyzes the current situation of the iron-steel and fermentation/yeast sectors, their needs, possibilities for clean production, incentive mechanisms and legal regulations to determine the applicability of the various possibilities available for clean production given the conditions present in Turkey.
2016 /1 Global Climate Change and Emissions Commerce "Recommendations for Building a  Green Economy."                  Scientific research on the views and preferences of companies in Turkey on limiting greenhouse gas emissions.