Projects 2017

Year Name of the Project Project Aim (Brief information about the project)
Faculty of Law
2014-2017 WTO World Trade Organisation Chairs Programme The financial aid coming from WTO in this project is allocated for activities which will be organized by the Research Center of International Trade Law and Arbitration founded within the Faculty of Law at Istanbul Bilgi University  for promotion of WTO Chairs Programme.  
2006-2017 Free-of-Charge Legal Assistance Network (Pro Bono) (2006- …)  Istanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Center has been running a pro bono aid network since 2006. Just like its predecessors abroad, lawyers work voluntarily. Free legal advice is offered to the non-governmental organizations that have meager means to pay for a lawyer, sometimes individual applicants are channeled through these NGOs for legal advice. In a sense, this is a work the lawyers carry out in parallel with their social responsibility.     There are many law offices in different countries which provide similar services and international forums are realized in this regard.                                                                                        (For more information: 
2017 Human Rights Law Summer School at Bilgi-III (17-25 July 2017) The aim of the Summer School is to raise the level of knowledge of participants on human rights issues in the world and Turkey that are of vital importance issues. The Summer School targets law students who are eager to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as to conduct research in the field of human rights law.
2017 Enhancing Individual Application Procedure by Monitoring Turkish Constitutional Court Judgments (September 2016-july 2017) The aim of the project is to monitor the execution of Constitutional Court judgments regarding individual applications, determine the problems and make recommendations accordingly.
Vocational School of Health Services
2017 NGO Invitation / To support social service centers in the scope of ASP protective and preventive services   To improve the efficiency and accessibility of protective and preventive services provided for refugees under temporary protection by personnels in the social service centers.  
2017 (CARE PLUS Project) Capacity Building for Refugee Mental Health PLUS    / ( As a Follow up of CARE Project ) To improve capacities of psychiatric care specialists working in community based psycho-scoial support center established in different cities of Turkey.  
Center for Civil Society Studies
2015-2017 Social Incubation Center Social Incubition Center has been working as a center which provides support for right based grass roots NGOs and citizen initiatives to increase their capacities. The center is offering office space, financial aid, training/workshop, networking and mentoring opportunities for NGOs and citizen initiatives participating in its programs.
Center for Civil Society Studies
 Children's Studies Unit
2017  Young Voices 2017 Different activities, panels and workshops/trainings will be organized in the scope of this project, which are informative about children's rights and aim to foster newtworking and collaboration in order to actualize children's rights for participation.  
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities - Department of History 
2017 Mapping and Enhancing the Civil Society Agencies of Cultural Plurality in İstanbul (MECSACPI): Inventoring, Networking, Training and Advocacy for Minority Cultures This project aims to take an inventory of different agencies in Istanbul (NGOs, Associations, Individual people, media organs and agencies etc.)  working on cultures of Turkey;  to gather and analyze information about these agencies and to raise awareness among them about cultures of Turkey and their rights.  The project also aims to establish links between different studies and practices carried out in a very compartmentalized  fashion and to increase information and awareness of different cultures about each other,  thus one of the project objectives is to develop different resources and methodologies to accomplish this. In this scope,  research studis and workshops are planned to be carried out, online materials where research results and different resources are shared, are proposed to be developed and a festival and an exhibition will be organized throughout the project.    
Center for Sociology and Education Studies
2016-2017 Inclusion of Roma and Migrants in Schools: Trainings, Open Discussions and Youth Volunteering Activities The project aims to improve inclusion of Roma and migrant children in different educational settngs and to encourage young people's participation in voluntary activities. It also aims to provide support for voluntary civic  initiatives trying to influence policy makers and decision makers.