Right to Information

Right to Information Unit

The Right to Information Unit has been established within İstanbul Bilgi University at the address given below to respond to enquiries made in accordance with the Law No. 4982 on the Right to Information. Personal enquiries and those sent by mail should be made to the address given below, fax enquiries should be sent to 0 212 216 24 14, and e-mail enquiries should be submitted to bilgiedinme@bilgi.edu.tr by completely filling out the forms provided below.

Enquiries regarding right to information

All enquiries should be made after filling out the forms below. Enquiries that do not follow the form or contain insufficient information will not be accepted.

a-Natural persons              b-Legal persons

Right to Information Review Board Enquiries

Before taking any legal action, the applicant whose right to information enquiry has been denied on www.bedk.adalet.gov.tr/ address can object to the Board within fifteen days from the date of notification of the decision. The objection should be submitted in writing. The Board announces its verdict on the matter within thirty working days.  

CİMER Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Directorate of Communications

Information about the legislation

Information Regarding the Legislation

Law No. 4982 on Right to Information

Regulation concerning the Procedures and Principle with regards to the Implementation of Right to Information Law


Address: Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santralı Kazım Karabekir Cad. No: 2/13 34060 Eyüp İstanbul 

Fax:  0 212 216 24 14 

E-mail:  bilgiedinme@bilgi.edu.tr