BİLGİ and Sustainability

BİLGİ and Sustainability

Sustainability has become an increasingly crucial topic as the damage to natural environment due to human activities has soared in the recent years. The concept of sustainability has been stressed globally in a report prepared by the United Nations Development Programme in 1987. In this report, it has been stated that as the human race pursues its life, it has an obligation to respect the next generations’ right to live.

Environment provides all the natural resources necessary for people to live. However, since these resources are not unlimited, a balanced sharing between the living generations and the ones to live in the future is imperative. A balanced sharing means a sustainable life. The second condition of sustainability in the ecological sense is that environmental pollution is minimized. Many activities that we carry out in our daily lives causes various environmental problems, especially global climate change.

As universities are among the top institutions that guide societies, their decisions and actions on sustainability will be perceived as a role model by the society. İstanbul Bilgi University mold its campus life fully aware of this responsibility. Our University shows its sensitivity to this issue through its initiatives and implementations for energy conservation, water conservation, transportation and recycling.

İstanbul Bilgi University has been supporting United Nations Global Compact since 2009.

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