Student Support Center

Student Support Center

Our mission as Student Support Center of İstanbul Bilgi University is to contribute to raise our students as versatile individuals  to improve their  life skills as well as to their academic development and education and, thus , to the create  a student-focused university.

Adopting the motto of “learning not for  school but for life,” we aim  to support the social, cultural, artistic, and creative development of our students and provide  them with the facilities that will upgrade their potentials

What do we do?

Student Support Center, provides  services in the following areas to establish a high-quality student life at our University and act as a bridge between our students,academic and administrative units:

  • Student Clubs
  • Students Council
  • Sports Unit
  • Unit for Students with Disability
  • Dormitories
  • Scholarships
  • Events
  • Museum

Our Team

Emin Burak Mutçalıoğlu
Director,Student Support Center
0212 311 6160

Çiğdem Uzun
Administrative Assistant,
Student Support Center
0212 311 5034

Student Clubs

Deniz Oralkan
Student Clubs and Activities Professional
0212 311 6286

Utkuer Yaşar
Student Clubs and  Activities Professional
0212 311 6365

Council of Students

Emine Çağan
Student Council Relations and Scholarships Professional
0212 311 6339

Sports Unit

Aslı Ertunç
Sports Unit Professional
0212 311 6256

Deniz Oralkan
Volleyball and Water Polo Coach
0212 311 6286

Utkuer Yaşar
Swimming, Ski, Climbing, Triathlon, Running and Table Tennis Coach
0212 311 6365

Unit for Students with Disability

Nelin Okay
Unit for Students with Disability and Dormitories Professional
0212 311 7250

Gözde Kılıç
Unit for Students with Disability  Officer
0212 311 6457


Nelin Okay
Dormitory and Residence Coordination Professional
0212 311 7250


Emine Çağan
Scholarships Professional
0212 311 6339


Onur Çebi
Events Professional
0212 311 7222

Berk Avigdor
Events Specialist

Energy Museum

Halime Çorukman
Museum Professional
0212 311 7821

Burçin Turan
Museum Assistant Specialist
0212 311 7892

Student Support Center:

santral istanbul Campus, the Container behind the Events Tent

Kuştepe Campus A Blok 205

Kuştepe Sports Hall