Our University attaches importance to sports in line with its mission of contributing to science and artistic production, and raising individuals with a sense of social responsibility who have good research and problem-solving skills, open to multidisciplinary approaches, and are open-minded. In addition to the necessity of sports for a healthy life, it is also considered to be the most important component of our students’ physical and social development in their hectic academic life. Our students who are aware that sports boost one’s confidence in life, contribute to their becoming an individual who can work as a team, has discipline, and can put up a struggle are offered to practice sports in many branches.

Our sports team attend the games organized by the Federation of University Sports Türkiye.

Our Teams

  • American Football
  • Fencing
  • Football
  • Flag Football
  • Rowing
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Sailing
  • Swimming
  • Water polo

Our Sports Coordination Office selects students for our University’s teams at the beginning of each academic year. Sports Coordination Office carries out all the work pertaining to the functioning and demands of university’s sports teams, and provides the necessary guidance for the balanced and coordinated continuation of students’ academic and sportive lives.

Sports Scholarships

Students that have advanced to the national team level in their respective sport or have performed extraordinarily after being selected to a university team even if they are not a national athlete, can be eligible for a ‘Sports Scholarship’ if they are nominated by the Sports Coordination Office for an amount determined by the Scholarship Committee.  The principal reason behind the awarding of the scholarship is primarily the academic success of the student and also the representation of İstanbul Bilgi University by the student on the school team of the chosen sport.  The sports that are eligible for a scholarship are determined by the Scholarship Committee after consulting with the Sports Unit.

Please click here for the 2022-2023 sporting achievements of the BİLGİ athletes.


Muammer Çöğürcü
Student Sports and Events Specialist
santralistanbul Campus / / 0212 311 7816