Idea Clubs

Atatürkist Thought Club

This club advocates that the revolutions and principles of Atatürk has creative power that sheds light on the resolution of our social problems and it contributes to the future sovereignty of these revolutions and principles.

BİLGİ Rainbow Club

BİLGİ Rainbow Club aims to organize activities to raise awareness on issues such as gender identity/expression, gender characteristic, heterosexism, and patriarchy. It organizes joint activities in cooperation with other universities with LGBTI+ clubs. It holds academic activities on gender, queer theory, and human rights.


BİLGİ Women aims to fight for the elimination of all sorts of discrimination and violence against women in order to contribute to the creation of a powerful society in which there are no inequalities. It aims to become a community that prioritizes collective struggle for the prevention of murders of women, the most fateful consequence of the inequalities that women experience.

People and Awareness Club

People and Awareness Club aims to contribute to the development of young people in terms of knowledge, morality and spirituality in İstanbul Bilgi University and to organize activities for the acquisition of these values.

Liberal Thought Club

Liberal Thought Club aims to become a place where liberal students come together and share their ideas, to enable the development of ideas by creating an academic environment for discussion on Liberalism, and to create a liberal environment in the university.

Marxist Philosophy Club

Marxist Philosophy Club aims to bring together people aiming to learn Marxism and Marxist philosophy. It also aims to popularize Marxism and address many fields such as social sciences, culture and art with this method.

Marxism and Science

Marxism and Science Club aims to examine Marxism by adopting a scientific method and approach on the basis of its relation with other social sciences. Based on students’ collective intellectual endeavors, it also aims to organize discussions on these subjects.

Socialist Thought Club

Socialist Thought Club aims to provide reading groups, discussion areas, and informative activities to students aiming to learn, define, and understand Marxism and socialist thought system and interpret current issues in this direction.