Idea Clubs

Atatürkist Thought Club           

This club advocates that the revolutions and principles of Atatürk had creative power that sheds light on the resolution of our social problems and contributes to the future sovereignty of these revolutions and principles.



It is a solidarity club against gender discrimination with the aim of raising awareness in this respect.


Wise Youth Club          

The Wise Youth Club was founded by the students of Istanbul BİLGİ University and is a social responsibility-oriented club that operates in all campuses and faculties of the University.


BİLGİ Rainbow 

To organize activities to raise awareness of gender identity/expression, gender characteristic, hetero-sexism and patriarchy. To organize joint activities in cooperation with other universities with LGBTI+ clubs. It organizes academic activities on gender, queer theory and human rights.


BİLGİ Women  

To reach all women studying or working at BİLGİ University, to raise awareness about the women's movement and to organize activities in this respect.


BİLGİ Vegan     

To raise awareness in individuals on veganism, animal liberty, species and environmental disasters caused by speciesism (man-centrism); to raise awareness about health problems caused by nonvegan life. To make efforts to end animal exploitation within and outside the university. To help individuals who adopted/are considering to adopt a vegan lifestyle.


Nationalist Thought Club         

Nationalist Thought Club (MDK) is a club where students of university who adopt nationalist ideas, respect national values come together and share and propagate their ideas, and aims to ensure nationalist youth knit up together through activities such as conferences, seminars, museum visits and to ensure propagation of nationalist


Others BİLGİ Club        

In the recent climate of increasing polarization, it aims  to study, research, criticize and read identity politics, especially the concepts of “being marginalized”, “marginalizing” and “marginal” concepts, as well as to develop politics by organizing workshops on discrimination areas (workshops where all individuals considered as marginal express themselves and talk about their problems), and to reach out to everyone who studies or works on campus and to provide solidarity against the marginalization of these people in their current lives and/or on campus.


Socialist Thought Club 

The Socialist Thought Club aims to provide reading groups, discussion areas and informative activities to students who aim to learn, define and understand Marxism and socialist thought system and interpret current issues in this direction.