Idea Clubs

Atheism Club

Atheism Club aims to raise awareness among the students in its activities oriented to the topics such as belief, lack of belief, science, gender equality, and freedom of expression.

Ataturkist Thought Club

It advocates that the Ataturk revolution and principles as a creative power that sheds light on the solution of the social problems and contributes to the revolution and principles are to be dominant in the future as well.

Anatolian Youth Club

It sheds light on the studies oriented to the determination of the individual and social problems and to finding solutions to them and tries to provide contributions to rising individuals faithful to immaterial values.

Enlightenment Club

The Enlightenment Club is established for the purpose of the idea of enlightenment.  In this frame of thought, students are grouped  and work on the fields of art, literature, science and ideas.

BILGI Culture and Thought Group Club

The target of the BILGI Culture and Thought Group Club is to try to inform the people about the current political agenda of the country and to create an environment of coalescence between the people  from outside and the students of the University through  film, drama, and documentary demonstrations.

Socialist Thought Club

It aims to disseminate among students the viewpoint that market orientation rather than public welfare and careerism rather than collective production are being imposed.

BILGI Woman Club

The mission of the BILGI Woman Club is to strengthen solidarity among  women and promote solidarity with student clubs at other universities and NGO’s. 

Wise Youth Club

It works to enhance the awareness of personal development and social responsibility.

Student Youth

It is a group in search of solutions for the problems of students and youth.

Freedom and Justice Initiative Club

It holds events focused on personal  development and career.

Nationalistic Thought Club

It aims to bring together the students with nationalistic thought under a single roof and contribute their intellectual development by organizing conferences and panels.

BILGI Rainbow

It aims to the raise awareness in terms of sexual orientations and gender identities and to make them visible. It works on bringing together the LGBT individuals culturally and socially and ensures their solidarity with the student clubs and nonprofits at other universities.