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ÖSYM (SSPE) Scholarships/Discounts

They are the nonrefundable scholarships/discounts granted to the students placed in the contingent for the students with scholarships/discounts and covering the whole or a part of their educational fees as specified in the ÖSYS exam guide. The candidates must choose “with scholarship/discounts’’ code in the university entrance guide in order to make use of the ÖSYM Scholarships. The ÖSYM (SSPS) Scholarships/Discounts continue for 2-year English Preparation Program* and 6 academic years in undergraduate education and 2-year English Preparation Program* and 3 academic years in associate education without interruptionwithww. ÖSYM Scholarships do not cover the summer school.

* Valid for the programs whose language of education is English.

Achievement Scholarships

This academic achievement scholarship is offered to students that have met the criteria for the scholarship (the respective academic year and Cumulative Grade Point Average – CGPA – must be 3.70 and above) after the successful completion of their second or third academic year and covers 50% of the tuition cost. The scholarship is valid for one academic year and is not valid for the summer term.

Need Based Scholarships

Those BİLGİ students that need financial support are eligible to apply for this scholarship if they have a minimum 2.50 GPA from their first year. The scholarship is valid for one year upon the acceptance of the application. If the student can maintain their academic success at the end of the year and reapplies for the scholarship, the scholarship will be considered for continuance for the next year.

Sports Scholarships

For non-scholarship students that have advanced to the national team level in their respective sport or have performed extraordinarily after being selected to a university team even if they are not a national athlete, can be eligible for a “Sports Scholarship” if they are nominated by the Office of the Sports Coordinator for an amount determined by the Scholarship Committee. The principal reason behind the awarding of the scholarship is primarily the academic success of the said student and also the representation of İstanbul Bilgi University by the student on the school team of the chosen sport. The sports that are eligible for a scholarship are determined by the Scholarship Committee after consulting with the Sports Unit.

Graduate Scholarships

İstanbul Bilgi University offers “Graduate Scholarships” to students continuing their education in graduate or doctoral programs. The scholarship amount, number, and conditions for applying is determined by the Board of Trustees every year and enforced by the Program Coordinators.

IB Scholarships

The students graduating from the English IB, Abitur, Matura, French IB and Baccalaureate, and Maturita programs of high schools benefit from the 20% special support scholarships in their education-training fees throughout their education at Istanbul Bilgi University (2-year English Preparation Program* and 4 academic years in undergraduate education and 2-year English Preparation Program* and 2 academic years in associate education). Summer school is outside the scope of the scholarship.

* Valid for the programs whose language of education is English.

Graduate Special Support Scholarships

Those İstanbul Bilgi University students that have graduated from an associate, undergraduate or graduate program are eligible for a special 20% support scholarship if they register for a new program.

Teacher Special Support Scholarships

The children of teachers and teaching staff members at the University receive a support scholarship of 10% if the children gain admittance to İstanbul Bilgi University.

Sibling Special Support Scholarships

The siblings of current İstanbul Bilgi University students and graduates receive a support scholarship of 10% if they gain admittance to İstanbul Bilgi University. This scholarship is valid for associate, undergraduate or graduate degree programs. If the sibling of current İstanbul Bilgi University students gains admittance to İstanbul Bilgi University, the current student will receive a special support scholarship of 10% for the academic year that the sibling starts their education.

*The support scholarships are not valid for the summer term.

*There is no other scholarship except for the ÖSYS Scholarship available for the University of Liverpool Dual Degree Program fourth year students.

Please click here for the İstanbul Bilgi University Scholarship and Support Programs Directive.

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Student Council Relations and Scholarships Professional

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