On Campus Student Employment

On Campus Student Employment is a program which provides undergraduate, associate degree and thesis graduate students with the opportunity to work part-time, and is based on the students' gaining work experience in different departments of the university while continuing their education, discovering their interests, developing their competencies and earning an income to meet some expenses. Although the Program is primarily available to students in need, it also covers other students as much as opportunities allow. Students participating in the program work in the units of the university whose job descriptions are published and receive student support. In addition to the monthly fee, meal support is provided to students who work in a way that does not interfere with their education.

This program is only available to Turkish citizens (except for the students who have blue card) due to regulations in Turkey.

Please contact Internship Coordination and Talent Development Office and Erasmus Office, both functioning under Global Talent Management Center, for internships, volunteering, and other opportunities available for international students. 

Our Unit Objectives are to help the students who are included in the program to adapt and to get to know the university better, to ensure that they experience the processes they will encounter in professional life beforehand, as well as meeting the student support needs of the administrative and academic units of the university. 

Aimed Learning Outcomes are that the students on duty know the services provided by the program, they can choose the correct study unit that suits their characteristics during the application process, and that the students on duty can reveal the competencies of the work process as well as getting to know their university better.