Clubs With Academic Content

English Language Teachers Club

To carry out activities related to our department and to make our friends become more social teachers.

BILGI Health Services Club

European Union Club

Its objective is to conduct informative studies concerning the EU.

Entrepreneurs Club of Bilgi

It asserts that each individual within the social life has responsibility and that the young ones are productive, participative, and determinative, and it organizes events in line with this view.

BILGI Engineering Society

It holds events that cover all the engineering branches and that ensure the students to prepare for life in academic and social grounds.

Independent Software Club

The mission of Independent Software Club is to introduce, increase,develope it and aims to provide so that software developer of the future choose their choice on “independent software”.

Projects And Ideas

The Projects and Ideas Club is established for the purpose to increase productivity, encouraging teamwork, contribute students on their ideas and projects.

Development Club

It works for the students to help students improve themselves in professional and social grounds.

Construction And Design Club

To be able to contribute to the training of leading and pioneering engineers and architects who are fully equipped to work life and have wide horizons, adequate network and internship network environment together with activities, projects, conferences and technical trips to be carried out in civil engineering and architecture fields.

Genetics and Bioengineering Club

It keeps track of the developments in the fields of genetics and bioengineering, develops projects, and aims to reinforce the communication among the students.

Logistics Club

It organizes events like conferences, panels, etc. in order to raise awareness regarding the logistics sector and to take part in the sector more actively.


The mission of International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience is to provide internship opportunities for the BILGI students abroad, and students abroad to Turkey.

Business Administration Club

The Business Administration Club is established for the purpose to organize and empower activities for the students, who want to start their carriers.

Text Writing Club

Bilgi Text Writing Club aims to create an elite group of writers by organizing weekly writing workshops.

Leaders from BILGI Club

It conducts studies on how the young ones having leadership qualities can become the executives of the future.

Debate Club

It has been established to establish and develop the constructive and analytic culture of debate.

Animation and Computer Games (ARCADE)

It conducts studies in the field of animation and aims to raise awareness in the branch.

Cyber Junior Club

Supporting personal development by providing free education for university, high school and secondary school students who are interested in cyber security.

Politics Club

It brings together the experienced politicians and the youth of the university and holds joint events with different universities.

Psychology Club

It is a working group in which the students of the psychology department conduct independent studies and produce projects.

Radio Vesaire Club

It works on increasing the popularity of radios and developing online radio broadcasting.

ERASMUS Club (BİLGİ Volunteer Program)

It aims to introduce Turkey to the foreign students incoming by way of the exchange programs and to facilitate their processes of orientation to the ambiance. In addition, it targets to accelerate the “Europeanization” process of the BILGI students by taking part in national and international events and implementing projects.

Energy Club

It aims to provide the students with knowledge in terms of the work areas of the energy sector and to promote the name of the engineering faculty.

BILGI Aviation Club

The Club has been established to organize visits and events with the firms in the aviation sector to invite the representatives of legal or natural entities, to hold seminars, and to develop projects.

Media Production Club

The mission of this club is to bring prominent personalities from different sectors together with the students at interactive coffee talks.

BI' Book Club

The goal of BI’Book Club is to organize national and international book fairs and events trips for the purpose of increasing the reading habits and critical thinking skills of students, who interested in literature.

Sociology Club

Its objective is to establish a platform with the subject of sociology among students, to increase sharing of knowledge and experiences, to produce joint projects, and to create the ground of living together through the current differences.

Socialists Legal Experts Club

Its objective is to prevent the ideas of careerism and dreams of having license to print money, to explain real life to the students, and to confront violations of law.

Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Club

The club has been established to increase the quality of the education of the students and to contribute their vocational formations.

Gastronomy Club

It works on promoting Gastronomy and organizes research and development activities.

Young Leaders Club

It tries to ensure that the prospected leaders and executives of the future meet the current leaders to improve themselves.

Mechanical Engineering Society

It works to provide support to the social and cultural developments of the students as well as to academic issues.

MUN Model United Nations Club

To make the students confront the global issues and to encourage them to find solutions to those problems as done in the United Nations.

Young Legal Experts Club

It conducts studies to support the law students in their fields of activity.

Culinary Arts Club

It aims to ensure that the Istanbul Bilgi University students become knowledgeable about cookery, to organize competitions during the year, and to participate in the organized competitions as teams or as individuals.

Law Studies Group

It conducts academic studies in the legal issues.

Human Rights Club

It aims to invite attentions to the importance of human rights and to speak up for the problems of the people subject to human rights violations.

Engineering Revolution and Nature (BERN)

The Engineering Revolution and Nature Club aims to improve awareness and perception in the sociological, ecological, ethical and academic fields with the students of engineering, natural sciences, and architecture.

BILGI Maritime Club

It organizes promotions, meetings, and events regarding sea and maritime activities.

Industrial Engineering and Operational Research Club

Industrial Engineering and Operational Research Club has adopted the reinforcement the engineering processes of creating, development, sharing, and practice of knowledge for the benefit of humanity and profession, as its mission.

Occupational Therapists Club

The mission of Occupational therapists is to make studies of gathering department students in the area of Occupational therapy.

Honour Society Club

The Honour Society Club is established for the purpose to popularize the Outstanding achievement program schools and industry wide.

International Relations Club

The International Relations Club is established for the purpose to raise awareness of international relations on individuals and societies.

BILGI Tourism Club

It carries out studies on social and academic events with the focus on tourism.

BILGI Application

It aims to ensure that the culture of computer engineering is acknowledged and that the students entitled to enroll in the department start their educational life in a conscious manner.

BILGI Casting

Its goal is to make sure that students appropriate the campus life and that they make their creativeness and ideas into functionality as projects in the social environments to be created.

BİLGİ Civil Engineering Club

Our goal is to put the theoretical education in to practice. To prepare our friends to the university afterwards and to turn our department to one of the most prestigous departments.