Clubs With Academic Content

Banking and Finance Club        

The Banking and Finance Group organizes activities related to this sector which are required in order to start professional life in a completely ready manner.   


Bi'Literature Club         

Club aims to come together to watch, read and share the works of literature, put on the stage through written texts and written on a screenplay or based on an independent screenplay; to produce something from what we read, watch, share.


Individual Development Club   

The aim of the Individual Development Club is to organize trainings, seminars and social activities that enable person be more effective in social and individual context, be more aware, and take the person one step further from his/her current position in both education and after-school life. In this context, it is our top priority to encourage and help our students to become the best version of themselves with the help of activities that we will organize in and out of our school.



To increase the knowledge, develop and support the skills of students who are interested in the science about the different areas of the history by taking an interdisciplinary approach to history, social, cultural and scientific studies. 


BİLGİ European Union Relations / Studies Club 

Bringing together students from the European Union Relations Department and students from the European Union Relations - Studies, it aims discuss and speak about problems in the European Union and solutions to these problems and to organize relevant travels.   


BİLGİ Civil Engineering Club      

The club aims to put the theoretical education received in the university into practice, prepare students for the post-university period and to contribute to the prestige of the department to benefit of the students.




BİLGİ University Maritime Embassy Community aims to instill the love and awareness of the sea to the society in order to left our seas and coasts to future generations as a heritage.


BİLGİ Gastronomy Club

It aims to provide BİLGİ students gastronomic knowledge and culinary culture, to make them experience this culture through learning. It organizes various activities to expand the vision of students about gastronomy.


BİLGİ IEEE        

The mission of IEEE BİLGİ is to strengthen the processes of creating, developing, sharing and applying knowledge in the fields of electronics and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession, and to train competent engineers, to have them gain an innovative perspective, to establish a wide communication network. 


BİLGİ Innovation          

Its main objective is to follow technological developments and to prepare beneficial activities for the students. It was established to organize seminars on the latest innovations.


BİLGİ International Volunteers 

It aims to assist full-time international students who come to or who are currently study at BİLGİ on a voluntary basis before, during and after their arrival in Istanbul. It provides support internationalization of BİLGİ by organizing activities for international students.

BİLGİ Business Management Club        

The club brings together well-respected and experienced names from the business world and organizes activities for students to shape their careers and helps students to recognize their careers in the business world.  


BİLGİ Logistics 

BİLGİ Logistics Club perform its activities to introduce logistics to all BİLGİ students, especially International Logistics and Transportation students, to ensure they are familiar with the sector and to contribute the repute of BİLGİ as a well-known and recognized school in the logistics sector. Providing students with easy access to internship and job opportunities is also one of the objectives of the club.


BİLGİ Marketing Club   

The Club aims to share new formations in the world of marketing with the students for future business life to make them take place in the global world and to provide contribution to their knowledge.  


BİLGİ Mechanical Engineering Society  

It is a club established to organize projects, conferences and technical trips aimed at developing themselves for all engineering faculty students, especially mechanical engineering students, and to connect with companies in the fields they can work in the future.



To organize a model United Nations conference and to participate in conferences organized by other schools in the name of BİLGİ University delegation and to learn the basics of international relations as a result of these conferences and to gain the experience of organizing conferences. As a result of the conferences that we have attended and organized, the club will approach the problems in the world like a diplomat and gain an international perspective, broaden our perspective, develop the official language of discussion in English and gain the ability to speak effectively in front of the community.


BİLGİ Retail Club          

It aims to follow the developments and business opportunities in the retail sector closely and to come together with business people to make networking.


BİLGİ Psychology Club  

The primary purpose of establishment of the club is to introduce psychology with its sub-branches, interdisciplinary studies, field and theoretical teachings to all BİLGİ students and all psychology and other associate and undergraduate students.  In this scope, the club organizes social responsibility activities, academic and social events. One of the main goals of the club is to support the graduate and doctoral students and psychologists who are working in the sector for their education/career development.


BİLGİ Robotics Club      

It aims to keep its members up-to-date in robotics and other technology branches and to arouse curiosity with them by adopting to make its members gain new information through social responsibility projects and seminars.



BİLGİ SAPS aims to develop multi-disciplinary projects in İstanbul BİLGİ University. It also aims to increase the students' inclination to teamwork by establishing similar project teams like in business life, to produce, design and revise all kinds of projects from idea stage to pre-commercialization of all kinds of projects by having support from both lecturers of the school and professionals in form of mentorship to and to be a bridge between BİLGİ management and lecturers and the students who are willing to develop, manage and take part in projects.


BILSEV Club     

The Club aims to produce both scientific and artistic projects to develop arts and science in our country and to create methods that may solve education problem in our country, as well as to ensure prospective young artists and scientists to take more robust first steps and be in unity.


BİLGİ Sports Business Club       

It is a club aiming to train future sports managers fully equipped by planning social programs and activities besides professional skills.


BİLGİ University Young Lawyers

By taking into account the interaction between different branches of law, it aims to organize seminars, conferences and events to provide students with the notion of law.


Construction and Design Club  

The club aims to contribute growing up of leading and pioneer engineers and architects of the future, who are fully equipped to the business life, with broad horizons and have sufficient network and internship network environment by providing activities, projects, conferences and technical trips related with the civil engineering and architecture disciplines.  


BİLGİ Worldwide          

It is a social club established to integrate international and national students with activities.


BİLGİ Child Development

The club adopts the approach stating that healthy development and happiness of the child is responsibility not only of the family in which he was born but also of the society. In this line, the aim of -the club is to develop themselves professionally through various activities and to raise awareness about the importance of child development to society.   


BİLGİ Entrepreneurs    

During the university life, which is the most important preparation period before joining the business life, the club invites the people who will transfer their experiences in the business life to the students in the right way and organize trainings. In addition, it creates unique entrepreneurial projects that are innovative, realistic and keep pace with the developing technology.


Leaders from BİLGİ Club

The club has been established in order to contribute to the personal development of our university students and club members through various activities, workshops and projects, to develop leadership skills in future business lives and social areas, to support their career development and to raise awareness in social responsibility areas and it conducts its activities in this direction.


BİLGİ Perfusionists Club

The club aims to promote and introduce İstanbul BİLGİ University Perfusion Department, to ensure that the students of the department embrace the profession through meetings to be held oi their fields, and to serve as an enlightening and guiding body for their academic development.


BİLGİ Advertisers Club 

It aims to provide internship and job opportunities in the advertising market by creating a platform where students of Istanbul BİLGİ University Advertising department can express themselves. It contributes creating new projects by capturing changing technology and advertising ideas with activities.


Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction Club           

The aim of establishment of the club is to introduce science fiction and fantastic fiction to the members both as literature and as a concept and to provide activities within this theme to its members. All the media, including science fiction and fantasy fiction movies, books, games, cosmos, drawing, costumes, etc., are within the club's interest. Besides that, the aim of the club includes introducing “FRP” taught by all BKFK clubs to the members and to train them. While doing all these, another aim of the club is to create an environment where students of the same interest can meet each other.



Science Santral Club    

It has been established by the students of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering of Istanbul BİLGİ University, who adopted the notion of building the future on the scientific knowledge.  The main goal of the club is to promote this idea against scientific thinking is being blunted. Moreover, it efforts to reach not only those who are interested in science and technology, but also anybody via scientific studies and activities.  


Informatics Bicode Club           

The club addresses anyone who is interested in today's IT world, which is developing rapidly and facing technological breakthroughs. It aims bringing people interested in these areas together and organize seminars and panels in order to support students’ development.


Economy Club 

The aim of the club is to organize informative, thought-provoking activities that contribute to the development of students in the field of economics and to make them aware of the career opportunities they can obtain in the field of economics.


ELT Club          

The purpose of our club is practice English, entertain and inform students while socializing.


Industrial Engineering and Operational Research Club  

The Industrial Engineering and Operational Research Club has embraced the mission of strengthening the processes of creation, development, sharing and application of knowledge of engineering for the benefit of humanity and the profession. To this end, it organizes technical trips, seminars, training programs, conferences and informative meetings.


Energy Crew    

It aims to organize activities that will contribute to the technical competencies of the students.


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Club 

The club aims to make an active and healthy life as a lifestyle, to remind our university friends that physiotherapy is with us in all areas of life, not only in case of illness, and also to organize symposiums and panels that will improve the knowledge of students in department and faculty. It aims trying to increase the awareness of the body by making all BİLGİ students to exercise. Moreover, it also aims to provide professional support in the field of social responsibility such as accessing the right information and organizing the necessary assistance for individuals who are disabled and/or unable to adapt to community life due to their disabilities.


Flyers of BİLGİ Aviation Club    

The aim of the club is to provide aviation information to all students in our school, regardless of the department, and also to infuse them with aviation culture. In addition, the main goal is to introduce the sector to the students in the best way with the activities we will be organized during the year.


Genetics and Bioengineering Club        

The aim of the club is to organize need-based events and organizations for the Genetics and Bioengineering department students in the future working life.


Horizon Club    

It is a club aiming to open up the vision and horizon of all BİLGİ students and to expand their views for a more advanced generation of the future.  


House of Debate Club  

It aims to promote the culture of debate and discussion and to exchange ideas on international issues.


Law School Club          

Istanbul BİLGİ University Law School Club aims to be beneficial to the students by preparing law magazine titled “Derdest” which is distributed outside of the faculty and by organizing activities within the faculty such as Career Days in Law, Tea Time Chats in Law, Applied Law Certificate Programs for Law Faculty students. 


Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration Club   

It is a club founded by students aiming to preserve and promote cultural heritage.


Medical Rescue Community Club         

It aims to work voluntarily in domestic and international disasters, in extreme situations, extreme sports, in all events requiring other search and rescue and medical rescue efforts and in big fires and accidents, to ensure that effective search and rescue works and notifications for the persons who have been lost and/or had accident are saved as soon as possible, to make a search and rescue operation with the notification received by making arrangements for the assessment and evaluation, to perform effective search and rescue operations by identifying and training the trained and certified, appropriate skilled unit personnel to participate in the operation to be carried out, to ensure that the team meets in the shortest time and to reach the scene.


Debating Club  

The aim of BİLGİ Debating Club is to carry out activities that will contribute to the constructive culture of discussion; to provide students with basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge of the debate by planning trainings with instructors who have achieved success in national and international tournaments; to contribute to the development of university students' skills such as oratory and public speaking skills; organizing debating tournaments/events to ensure the participation of high school and university students; and to participate in debating tournaments amongst universities.


Pax Historia     

The main purpose of the club is to increase the interest in history discipline and to increase students' awareness of history by organizing various activities.   



Within the scope of MED 228 course, it aims to gain experience to the club participants and volunteers who apply and participate in the field of Internet radio broadcasting, and by encouraging them to produce original content to teach the principles of live broadcasting. It also aims to have them create an auditory portfolio as per their interests.

Social Sciences and Literature Club      

The Social Sciences and Literature Club aims to examine and discuss academic phenomena from an interdisciplinary perspective. In addition; it utilizes tools such as academic and non-academic film readings, panels, interviews, book readings, etc. for the specified purpose. It aims to issue academic publications for the same purpose. Moreover, it aims to analyze literary works by analyzing them within the basic dynamics of the social sciences disciplines. It forms reading-discussion groups for this purpose. For this purpose, it may organize tours to museums, panels and historical buildings.


Sociology Club 

The club is engaged in interactive and educational activities to contribute to the idea of living together under the roof of sociology and to create new communication channels between groups.


Arbitration Club           

The club aims to promote and disseminate arbitration concept, which is frequently used internationally.


International Relations Club    

BİLGİ International Relations Club has been established to create an area of interaction for all individuals involved in the fields of International Relations, Political Science and European Union Relations. The mission of our club is to support development and interaction with organizations such as panels, lectures, training and protocol trips by taking the students of the related departments of İstanbul BİLGİ University into consideration. The focus of these organizations and projects is to emphasize the importance of the relevant disciplines and to convey current developments.