Clubs With Academic Content

BİLGİ Banking and Finance Club

The Banking and Finance Club aims to organize activities in this sector that are required so as to prepare one for his/her professional life.


Our club aims to produce both scientific and artistic projects to develop arts and science in our country and to create methods that can solve the problems in the educational field in our country while encouraging prospective young artists and scientists to take their first steps firmly and act in unison.

BİLGİ Literature Club

BİLGİ Literature Club aims to bring together students to watch, read, and share the works of literature that are put on stage through written texts, turned into a script on the basis of a literary work or turned into a movie on the basis of an independent script. It also aims to produce something from what is read, watched and shared.

BİLGİ Energy Club

The aim of our club is to create a platform where people who are sensitive to the environment and society, knowledgeable about energy efficiency, have an awareness of voluntary work can develop their skills to work collaboratively, solve problems, and produce solutions. Goals of our club include organizing seminars, panels, informative activities about energy sector and working to ensure the sustainability of increasing efficiency and energy resources in cooperation with all the sectors in Turkey.

BİLGİ Game Design and Networking

The club aims to bring together people who are interested in digital game design. It also brings its members together at various events and helps them get to know digital games and the digital game design industry.

BİLGİ Young Lawyers Club

Our club aims to organize seminars, conferences, and events to provide students with the notion of law by taking into account the interaction between different branches of law.

BİLGİ Genetics and Bioengineering Club

The aim of the club is to organize need-based events and organizations for the students of Genetics and Bioengineering Department in their future working life.

BİLGİ Nursing Club

The aim of BİLGİ Nursing Club is to ameliorate the perception of nursing image, to protect and support all health workers, to provide an accurate reflection of the nursing profession, to develop and protect health, to be aware of the innovations related to the profession, to ensure that a system is established in which the known mistakes are prevented and corrected

BİLGİ Industrial Engineering and Operational Research Club

The Industrial Engineering and Operational Research Club has embraced the mission of strengthening the processes of creation, development, sharing and application of knowledge of engineering for the benefit of humanity and the profession. To this end, it organizes technical trips, seminars, training programs, conferences, and informative meetings.

BİLGİ International Volunteers Club

BİLGİ International Volunteers Club aims to help full-time international students who come to BİLGİ within the scope of exchange programs or who are studying at BİLGİ from the time they arrive to Istanbul until their return. It aims to support the internationalization of BİLGİ by organizing events for international students.

BİLGİ Business Management Club

Our club brings together reputable and seasoned names from the business world and organizes activities for students to shape their careers with the aim of helping them familiarize themselves with the requirements of the business world.

BİLGİ Quality Club

The aim of the club is to increase the awareness and participation of students regarding quality assurance studies in higher education institutions.

BİLGİ Logistics Club

BİLGİ Logistics Club performs its activities to introduce logistics to all BİLGİ students, especially International Logistics and Transportation students, to ensure that they are familiar with the sector and to contribute to the reputation of BİLGİ as a well-known and recognized school in the logistics sector. Providing students with easy access to internship and job opportunities is also among the club’s objectives.

BİLGİ Marketing Club

BİLGİ Marketing Club aims to bring students who want to develop themselves and gain experience in the related field with the leading names of the field. The fundamental mission of the club is to manage events and meetings that will contribute to the students’ development on an international scale.

BİLGİ Mechanical Engineering Society

It is a club established to organize projects, conferences, and technical trips aimed at helping all engineering faculty students, especially the mechanical engineering students, develop themselves, and establish a connection between them and companies in the fields that they can work in the future.

BİLGİ Fashion and Trend Club

This club aims to make people more conscious about all kinds of facts, materials, styles, lifestyles, and situations that might become fashionable and trendy and show that fashion is actually a big part of our lives and that it has an effect on us not only in the field of clothing but also in all areas, and how we can use fashion better, and even have an impact on trends.


BİLGİ MUN Club organizes a model United Nations conference and participates in conferences organized by other schools as İstanbul Bilgi University delegation. It aims to teach the basic information regarding international relations in these conferences and to provide experience in organizing conferences. As a result of these conferences, the club aims to approach the problems in the world like a diplomat and gain an international perspective, broaden our perspective, develop the official language of discussion in English and gain the ability to speak effectively in front of people.

BİLGİ Debating Club

The aim of BİLGİ Debating Club is to carry out activities that will contribute to the constructive debate culture; to provide students with basic, intermediate, and advanced knowledge of debating by planning trainings with instructors who have become successful in national and international tournaments; to contribute to the development of university students' skills such as oratory and public speaking skills; to organize debating tournaments/events to ensure the participation of high school and university students; and to participate in debating tournaments amongst universities.

BİLGİ Youth In Business Club

Our club aims to bring the leaders in their fields with BİLGİ students and to enable them to take inspiration from their life stories and advices for their career journeys. It aims to provide its members with the chance of gaining experience in different fields and in the sector by developing their visionary perspectives. It also provides our club members with the interdisciplinary perspectives of the leaders by creating an opportunity to have experience.

BİLGİ Psychology Club

The primary purpose of the club is to come together with the individuals who are interested in psychology and help them develop themselves in the field. To that end, the club organizes social responsibility activities, academic and social events.

BİLGİ Robotics Club

BİLGİ Robotics Club aims to keep its members up-to-date in robotics and other technology branches. To that end, the club organizes social responsibility activities, academic and social events.

BİLGİ Russian Club

BİLGİ Russian Club aims to help students learn Russian and Russian culture. In addition, it aims to bring together the students studying at different faculties with Russian experts experienced in Russian business life, thereby creating a link between both cultures and aiming to enable them to look at their profession from a different angle and culture.

BİLGİ Cyber Security Club

The goal of the club is to prevent people from falling into simple traps prepared by internet hackers. Advanced cyber security studies will also be carried out in our club. The club organizes trainings and activities not only for people who are knowledgeable but also for people who are not tech-savvy so that they can increase their information on this issue.

BİLGİ Sociology Club

BİLGİ Sociology Club is engaged in interactive and educational activities to contribute to the idea of living together under the roof of sociology and to create new communication channels among groups.

BİLGİ Sports Business Club

BİLGİ Sports Business Club provides the chance to share experiences by bringing sports professionals together with the students. To that end, it aims to organize seminars, workshops, and conferences.

BİLGİ Arbitration Club

BİLGİ Arbitration Club aims to promote and popularize the arbitration concept, which is frequently used in the international arena.

BİLGİ Worldwide

BİLGİ Worlwide aims to integrate international and national students with the activities it organizes

BİLGİ Construction Club

BİLGİ Construction Club aims to raise the leading engineers and architects of the future, who are fully equipped for professional life with broad horizons and who have sufficient network and internship network environment by means of organizing activities, projects, conferences, and technical trips in the fields of civil engineering and architecture.

BİLGİ Child Development Club

The club adopts the approach that healthy development and happiness of a child is not only the responsibility of the family in which she/he was born but also the responsibility of the society. To that end, the aim of the club is to enable the professional development of students through various activities and to raise awareness about the importance of child development in society.

BİLGİ Entrepreneurs

It aims to provide BİLGİ students with experience for the future and more qualified resumes and it ensures that they become becoming enterprising, creative individuals who have a say in the administration.

Leaders from BİLGİ Club

The club has been established in order to contribute to the personal development of our university students and club members through various activities, workshops, and projects, to develop leadership skills in their professional lives in the future and social areas, to support their career development and to raise awareness in social responsibility areas. It conducts activities in this direction.

Science Santral Club

Science Santral Club has been established by the students of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering of İstanbul Bilgi University, which adopts the notion of “building the future on the scientific knowledge”. The main goal of the club is to promote this idea against the damping down of scientific thinking. Moreover, the club aims to reach not only those who are interested in science and technology, but everyone via scientific studies and activities.

Blockchain Technologies Club

Blockchain technology has profound effects on the public and individual life, especially in the business world. This technology redefines the mindset and business processes in addition to being an innovative technology only as a tool. The club aims to popularize and increase its familiarity and use, inquire its benefits and determine the strategic priorities of this technology in Turkey.

Community of Social Sciences & Intellectualism

The aim of the club is to bring together the branches of social sciences under on the same roof and focus its activities on publication.

Economics Students Association Club

It aims for a club organization that highlights the entire business school. It has undertaken the mission of being a bridge club through which communication between the well-represented students of the faculty is provided. It has the goal of being an umbrella club to further develop those students who are ready to lead.

Economy Club

The aim of Economy Club is to organize informative, thought-provoking activities that contribute to the development of students in the field of economics and to make them aware of the career opportunities they can have in the field of economics.


The mission of BİLGİ IEEE is to strengthen the processes of creating, developing, sharing, and applying knowledge in the fields of electronics and information technologies for the benefit of humanity and the profession. It aims to train competent engineers, to provide them with an innovative perspective, and to establish a wide communication network.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Club

The club aims to increase the recognizability of BİLGİ Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department. Moreover, it also aims to increase the integration between the department students and the students in other departments and make sure that students benefit from the advantages of physiotherapy.

Flyers of BİLGİ Aviation Club

The aim of the club is to provide information on aviation to all students in our school, regardless of their departments, and also to instill the aviation culture in them. The main goal is to introduce the sector to the students in the best possible way with the activities that will be organized during the year.

BİLGİ Gastronomy Club

BİLGİ Gastronomy Club aims to provide BİLGİ students with gastronomic knowledge and ensure that they experience culinary culture by learning. It organizes various activities to expand the vision of students about gastronomy.

Horizon Club

Horizon Club aims to open up the vision and expand the horizon of all BİLGİ students. It works so as to make the future generations more broad-minded.

House of Debate Club

It aims to promote the culture of debate and discussion and to exchange ideas on international issues.

Faculty of Law Club

İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law Club aims to be beneficial to the students by preparing a law magazine titled “Derdest,” which is distributed outside of the faculty and by organizing activities within the faculty such as Career Days in Law, Tea Time Chats in Law, Applied Law Certificate Programs for Faculty of Law students.

Pathology Laboratory Techniques Club

It works to ensure the development of club members in terms of pathology and laboratory techniques. It aims to examine the importance of Pathology Laboratory Techniques for public and private sectors and introduce pathology laboratory techniques nationally by conducting studies on this subject.

Social Sciences and Literature Club

The Social Sciences and Literature Club aims to examine and discuss academic phenomena from an interdisciplinary perspective. In addition, it organizes academic and non-academic film readings, panels, interviews, and book readings for this purpose and aims to issue academic publications. Moreover, it aims to analyze literary works by examining them within the basic dynamics of the social sciences disciplines. It forms reading-discussion groups for this purpose and organizes panels and tours to museums and historical building.

International Relations Club

BİLGİ International Relations Club has been established to create an area of interaction for all individuals involved in the fields of International Relations, Political Science, and European Union Relations. The mission of this club is to support the development and interaction of students with activities such as panels, lectures, training and protocol trips for students studying in the related departments of İstanbul Bilgi University. The focus of these organizations and projects is to emphasize the importance of the relevant disciplines and to convey current developments.

Bi’Focus Club

It aims to ensure that the members first learn to focus by going inward, that they discover the purpose of their lives by realizing their expectations, and transform their focus into their best selves. The club also aims to develop one another by seminars, activities, blog posts, focus studies, and peer learning method, and it also aims to make sure that each individual that the club touches is satisfied with his/her self and life.

Bi’History Club

The main purpose of the club is to increase the interest in history discipline and to increase students' awareness of history by organizing various activities.

Bi’Technology Club

Established with the motto of "interdisciplinary technology", Bi’Technology Club aims to carry out projects that combine technological innovations with creativity while providing the infrastructure for acquiring business networks in the national and international arenas.