Psychological Counseling

Psychological Counseling


Psychological Counseling Unit provides individual psychological counseling services to assist İstanbul Bilgi University members’ individual, social and academic development. To this end, in addition to counseling services, Psychological Counseling Unit organizes group activities, training and seminars, prepares educational texts (brochures, guides and bulletins).

Psychological Counseling Unit offers training, seminars and limited individual counseling for İstanbul Bilgi University’s academic and administrative staff.

All services provided by Psychological Counseling Unit are free of charge.


Psychological Counseling Unit does not share any personal information and content of the counseling sessions unless the individual allows it. However, in case the individual poses any risks of harming himself/herself or others, the necessary parties will be notified. The individual will be aware of all the procedures followed and ideally his/her consent will be taken to move forward.

Psychological Counseling Unit’s Mission, Objectives and Aimed Learning Outcomes

Istanbul Bilgi University Psychological Counseling Unit aims to assist BİLGİ members’ individual, social, and academic development; ease their adaptation processes to university life and help them acquire the skills necessary to cope with potential problems experienced in these areas. As a part of this mission, it is also an aim of the Psychological Counseling Unit to guide the administrative and academic staff through their individual or student-related difficulties.

Our objectives:

  • To conduct assessment and offer individual counseling on personal, social and/or academic difficulties
  • To provide protective and preventive mental health services
  • To provide services that assist the psycho-social development of individuals
  • To make referrals and offer guidance for any emergency and non-emergency situation that require hospitalization and/or an intervention that is beyond the scope of the unit

It’s aimed that all BİLGİ members who apply to PCU are:

  • Informed about the recommended type and source of professional help
  • Experience improvement in their presenting problem(s)
  • Increase their insight on the background of their presenting problem and/or further areas of concern
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of psychological development, mental health issues, and ways of coping
  • Use psychological awareness and knowledge for continuing self-growth throughout their lives

PCU Staff

Psychological Counseling Unit is comprised of full time psychological help specialists, a part time psychiatrist and unit administrative assistant. Furthermore psychologists, who are in training in our university’s Psychological Masters Program, work part time in all three campuses under supervision from our Masters Program’s academic staff.