Clubs With Sports And Arts Content

Bi’Music Club

The aim of Bi’Music Club is to bring people who love listening to and making music at İstanbul Bilgi University together and to offer students a space to express themselves both socially and musically. The students can join an orchestra with talented musicians as instrumentalists or vocalists within the scope of BİLGİ Orchestra, one of the formations within the club. The students can rearrange the current pop songs or sing the classical rock songs or classical works in this orchestra. They can join a music band in accordance with their music tastes and can take part in a polyphonic choir in Bi’Koro.

BİLGİ Art Club

BİLGİ Art Club aims to create an environment where conversations can be carried out about different art branches, to organize art-oriented interviews and workshops, to organize trips to artistic events and places such as concerts, exhibitions, museums, interviews, theatre plays, and film screenings and to produce art criticisms and publish them in digital environment and also in the form of a published magazine. It also aims to engage in artistic activities not only as consumers but also as producers, to create the environment where the artworks produced by the members can be criticized constructively by the other members, to raise awareness about the art branches and artworks with little popularity, and to publish all its works in social media following an editorial process.

BİLGİ Espor & Gaming Club

BİLGİ Espor & Gaming Club aims to contribute to the adaption of İstanbul Bilgi University to the rapidly developing e-sports sector in Turkey and to have a voice in the sector. It also aims to create a common platform and community for the players in BİLGİ by organizing regular activities within the University.

BİLGİ Praxis Club

BİLGİ Praxis Club defends the idea that arts, science, and everything about the society should be for the society. The Club organizes activities, interviews, alternative cultural and artistic activities, book and film workshops with the dynamic and creative spirit of university youth. It holds workshops and discussions on philosophy, politics, and literature, and closely follows the agenda of the country and the world and objects to the wrongdoings with a socialist perspective.

BİLGİ Rowing Club

The aim of BİLGİ Rowing Club is to introduce and popularize rowing sport in İstanbul Bilgi University and to represent İstanbul Bilgi University in competitions.

BİLGİ Sailing

The aim of BİLGİ Sailing is to train sailors of BİLGİ and represent İstanbul Bilgi University successfully in the sailing and maritime community.

BİLGİ Theatre

BİLGİ Theatre aims to contribute to the developments in arts and socialization in the university, to help those students interested in performance arts along with theatre improve themselves and become involved in this art branch. The club has weekly and monthly activities and these activities are planned in a multifaceted and flexible manner. The targeted activities are specified in the annual activity program.

BİLGİ Western Arts and Cultures Club (POETİKA)

The aim of the club is to closely examine various western arts, various civilizations established in history and their cultures, to strengthen the knowledge of the members with different activities and researches on these issues, to organize events and discussions with club members on world languages, with a focus on western languages, by showing dramas, novels, and similar adaptations. At the same time, the club aims to conduct research and deliver speeches on the lives and biographies of artists who have contributed to Western arts, and to find out the effects of Western artists on other world artists and share them with the club members.

BİLGİ Underwater Sports Club

BİLGİ Underwater Sports Club is a diving club aiming to train divers who are respectful toward the nature and underwater and to provide experience for divers. In addition to sports activities, the club aims to contribute to the society through social responsibility projects.


İstanbul Bilgi University Mountaineering Club was founded in 2000 with the aim of training mountaineers who are respectful to nature and have enough theoretical and practical knowledge. It offers its members a one-year program consisting of theoretical and practical courses. Upon completion of this program, members start various mountaineering activities as climbers within the club and serve as instructors in the club. Thanks to this voluntary training program, BİLGİDAK contribute to the process of making sporting and culture of mountaineering widespread.


İstanbul Bilgi University Cinema Club aims to enrich the cultural life of the campus, especially with its activities in the field of cinema. It aims to bring together the university students who are interested in cinema by organizing film screenings and sectoral meetings.

Dancing Club

Dancing Club aims to train students who will represent our university in national and international competitions by giving trainings in different dance genres. It also aims to give performances in shows and competitions.