Clubs With Sports And Arts Content

Climbing Club

Istanbul BİLGİ University Mountaineering Club was founded in 2000 with the aim of training mountaineers who are respectful to nature and have enough theoretical and practical knowledge. It offers its members a one-year program of theoretical and practical courses. Upon completion of this program, members start various mountaineering activities as climbers within the club and serve as instructors in the club.  Thanks to this voluntary training program, BİLGİDAK contributes sporting and culture of mountaineering to become widespread.


BİLGİ Endurance          

TR BİLGİ Endurance Club aims to pioneer a healthy and conscious life by bringing swimming, cycling, running and triathlon branches together and to add motion to intensive course program and monotonous life by offering a social environment to BİLGİ students.


BİLGİ Esports & Gaming Club   

It aims to contribute to the adaption of İstanbul BİLGİ University to the rapidly developing e-sports sector in Turkey and to have a voice in the sector. It also aims to make candidate students recognize BİLGİ as a strong choice in this sector. Creating a common platform and community for the players in BİLGİ by organizing regular activities within the University.


BİLGİ Film Makers        

BİLGİ Film Makers Club provides a platform for students interested in making movie. This platform brings together the people who can participate in film projects (Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Editor ...). The club aims to teach people how to make movies with weekly workshops, so that everyone can contribute and start producing. It also aims to have students produce more films by starting an annual film festival.


BİLGİ Contemporary Art Club   

BİLGİ Contemporary Art Club is a cultural club within the University. The club welcomes any students interested in art and culture. The main mission of the club is to bring cultural industry employees and students together.


BİLGİ Camping Club     

It aims to instill the love of nature to the students of Istanbul BİLGİ University and to introduce camp culture with various activities.  


BİLGİ Kickboxing Club  

It aims to carry out works on kick boxing sport.


BİLGİ Rowing Club       

The aim of this club is to introduce and popularize rowing sport in our University and to represent our University in competitions.  


BİLGİ Stage Theater Club          

It aims to raise students' collective consciousness of production and to discuss and explore the basic elements of the theater. The club intends not only to put a play on the stage with the logic of show, but also to make formal and contextual research, to create discussion areas and to make readings to support the production. All these activities also improve participants' awareness of daily life, their ability to speak in front of the community and express themselves without leaving the context.


BİLGİ Sailing    

The aim of the club is to train sailors of BİLGİ and to represent Istanbul BİLGİ University successfully in the sailing and maritime community.


BI’ Music Club  

The aim of the club is to bring people who love listening to and making music at Istanbul BİLGİ University together and to offer students a space to express themselves both socially and musically. Our club members are allowed to participate in the music group according to the genres of interest with Group BiKaç and can get musical theater education with BİLGİ Musical and show a musical play, and with Bi'Koro they can join a polyphonic choir.




The Underwater Sports Club is a diving club aiming to train 1 star and 2-star divers, to bring BİLGİ students together and to contribute to the society through social responsibility projects.


Dancing Club   

The aim of the club is to train students who will represent our university in national and international competitions by giving trainings in different dance genres. It also aims to exhibit performances in shows and competitions.


Stage Bi'Mavi  

The club’s goal is to have theatre receive the interest it deserves in our country.  In order to achieve this, a play is staged at the end of the academic year. The play is supported by the live performance of the students’ music group and the decors created by the students. At the same time, it aims to organize various workshops and interviews with the professional participants from the sector.