Clubs With Sports And Arts Content

Bi'Music Club

It is a group where the students experienced in the field of music share their knowledge with their friends and perform on the stage.

Cycling Club

It aims to endear and promote bicycles and to raise awareness in terms of the fact that bicycles are healthy, economical, and environment-friendly means of transport.

Dance Club

Provides training in the field of Latin and Hip Hop dances and takes part in competitions.

Climbing Club

It provides experiences in terms of, primarily mountain climbing, as well as trekking and camping, and organizes day trips and long-term camps.

BILGI Extreme

It brings together the people loving and wanting to do such sports as windsurf, wave surf, kite surf, and snowboard, and tries to promote those sports.

Triathlon Club

It tries to develop and promote triathlon by bringing together the people who like and wish to do this sport.

Sailing Club

It aims at bringing together the young people who like and wish to engage in sailing and nautical activities and participates in competitions.


Scuba Club BİSUS

Its objective is to endear the underwater life and organize diving trips by providing the infrastructure and training required for diving.

Culture and Art Club

It was founded to keep track of the culture and art events.

Santral Metal Club

It brings together the fans of rock and metal and organizes joint events.

Mix Martial Arts Club

It works on physical self-defense and on ensuring physical and mental improvement.

Rowing Club

It popularizes marine activities, constitutes a university team by providing training in the rowing, canoe-kayak sports, and participates in competitions.

Orienteering Club

The Orienteering Club is a student run club that provides initial training to the students and works to participate in orienteering competitions.

E-Sports Club

It aims to promote the concept of E-Sports, to bring together the students involved with computers and console games, and to organize various events.

Chess Club

BILGI Archery

Its objective is to provide the students interested in archery with basic training and raise students for the BILGI archery team.

BILGI Running Crew

It aims to organize weekly jogging events in various locations of Istanbul and to take part in the contests and jogging events held in Istanbul and other provinces.

Turkish Folk Dances Club

Its purpose is to enhance the interest in folk dances and culture by means of training.