Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are a process of resolving any life struggle mutually with the client. Individual sessions aim to develop students’ skills to cope with the personal, social and academic difficulties. Through individual sessions it is possible to increase individual awareness, create a better understanding of the self and experiences, widening perspectives with regards to solutions, and becoming more conscious with psycho-education given in some situations.

An Appointment must be made to receive individual sessions from Psychological Counseling Unit. Sessions approximately last for 45 minutes. Time, frequency and duration are decided with the student. Efficiency of the sessions depends on student’s regular attendance and right interventions. For your needs that are outside the scope of unit’s assistance areas and working conditions and/or long-term psychological help needs, referrals are made for reliable and low cost help sources.

In case of emergencies it is suggested not to wait for an appointment, and contact the unit or help resources outside school, which are listed in Emergencies page.