Unit for Students with Disability

Unit for Students with Disability that provides support and information about an “Accessible BİLGİ” to handicapped students at İstanbul Bilgi University.

The unit aims to ease the burden of our handicapped students during their education and help these students in actively participating in university life.

Please contact us to share in an accessible life.

Istanbul Bilgi University Disabled Students Unit Directive

BİLGİ Procedures and Principles on the Education - Training and Examination Precautions for the Disabled Students.pdf

Unit for Students with Disability Application Form



Unit for Students with Disability Professional: Nelin Okay
santralistanbul Campus; Student Support Center Office / nelin.okay@bilgi.edu.tr / +90 212 311 7250

Unit for Students with Disability Officer: Gözde Kılıç
santralistanbul Campus, Student Support Center Office / gozde.kilic@bilgi.edu.tr /+90 212 311 6457

Accessible Campus Maps

santralistanbul Campus Accessible Campus Map

Dolapdere Campus Accessible Campus Map

Kuştepe Campus Accessible Campus Map