Student Clubs

Student Clubs

What adds quality to a university is definitely its academic competence. However, the life at BİLGİ is not only about the courses. There are more than 100 student clubs which will bring you together with other students with the same hobbies, interests and dreams, and where you can make friends and carry out events in collaboration. Playing a crucial role in our university's social life, these clubs are growing further with your contribution. Thus, you can either be a part of any club you like, or found your own club.

Adopting ‘Learning not for school but for life’ motto, student clubs assert that each individual within the social life has responsibility and that the young ones are productive, participative, and determinative, and organize events in line with this view

As the Student Clubs Unit, our mission is to work on how young people with leadership qualities can become managers of the future.

Our goals within the framework of our mission:

Improve the quality of our student’s life and to support their individual development during the university life

Enrich the student experience by creating a collaborative community that fosters a balanced and purposeful life

Prepare and engage students to lead, learn, and live in a global society

Increase student satisfaction and social opportunities while directly contributing to the creation of a student oriented university

Unit -level Aimed Learning Outcomes

Chairs, co-chairs and members of student clubs will be able to :

  1. Develop and improve self-confidence for Chairs, co-chairs and members of student clubs by participating in club events.
  2. Develop an awareness on social responsibility.
  3. Approach diverse opinions with respect.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork.
  5. Develop a range of leadership skills and abilities (only for chair and the co-chairs).


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