Support Programs and BAP

Support Programs and Scientific Research Projects (BAP)

Support Programs and BAP Unit Attached to BİLGİ Technology Transfer Office

  • Carry out the works of informing, designing projects, and providing administrative support so that the University and its stakeholders can efficiently benefit from various grant programmes.
  • Organize informational events regarding national and international support programmes with the Awareness and Information Unit.
  • Provide one-to-one information and support regarding designing a project and making a budget for the relevant faculty members in reference to national and international thematic calls.
  • Conduct the secretarial works of Scientific Research Projects Commission and coordinates the application, assessment, approval, follow-up, and termination processes of the project proposals.
  • Carry out the announcement of project calls to the faculty members with the Awareness and Information Unit.
  • Prepare informative documents about support programs. With the support of Awareness and Information Unit, they ensure that these effectively reach to relevant people.
  • Provide information and organize project writing trainings with respect to support programs.
  • Carry out the relevant processes with Administrative Units.


Externally Funded Projects

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BİLGİ Scientific Research Projects (BAP)

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