The University-Industry Collaboration Unit under the BİLGİ Technology Transfer Office;

  • Meets with the R&D centers of the firms and ensures that the relevant faculty members from the University are matched with the research areas that the firms need and that R&D consultancy collaborations are established.
  • Encourages making use of especially the projects that are financed by the firm’s own resources, and TÜBİTAK TEYDEB, Small and Medium Industry Development Organizations subsidies and the European Union SME Instrument subsidies so that contracted R&D projects are popularized and it creates projects with faculty members.
  • Increases the number and improves the quality of meetings and collaborations by contacting the R&D centers of large-scale firms.
  • Among the scientific projects that will provide financial benefits, it identifies the ones from which a patent and a useful model can be derived and shares these with Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Administrative Unit.
  • Within the framework of university-industry colalboration, it conducts works in order to increase the number of contracted agreements, to ensure coordination, and detect the needs.
  • Carries out the relevant processes with Administrative Units.





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