Other National Funds

Istanbul Development Agency

Istanbul Development Agency supports researchs and infrastructures that are consistent with the principles and policies as proposed in national development plan and the programs, aiming to accelerate regional development, to ensure sustainability, to reduce regional disparities between regions.

In order to benefit from the support of Istanbul Development Agency, the following conditions must be fulfilled.

  • Finding An Open Support Program of The Development Agency:
    • Institutions cannot apply for support at all times and for all  subjects. They can only apply to open calls issued by the agency operating in their region.
  • Meeting The Eligibility Criteria Specified in The Support Program:
    • Applicant: The legal status of the applicant institution must be among the types of institution mentioned in the guidelines for applicants.
    • Activities: The subject and activities of the project to be presented must be relevant to the program priorities and appropriate for the restrictions set out in the guidelines.
    • Costs: Expenditures to be made within the scope of the project should not fall out of the framework specified in the guidelines.
  • Adherence to the application rules and the required document format:
    • All projects must be presented in a format in accordance with the requirements of the guidelines. Application form, budget, logical framework and other required documents must be submitted.

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Supports Provided by Istanbul Development Agency

1. Guided Project Support

Guided projects are special-quality model projects, the conditions and scope of which are determined by the agency leadership and guidance in line with the priorities envisaged in the regional plan in order to provide direct support without applying the method of call for project proposals.

2. Technical Support

It is the type of support that the agency provides with its existing personnel or through the recruitment of services, without providing any financial support in order to increase the technical capacity of the relevant institutions and organizations.

3. Project Proposal Call

Under a specific support program carried out by the agency, potential applicants whose qualifications have been clearly determined are invited to submit project proposals in accordance with the previously determined subjects and conditions.

4. Feasibility Support

It is the type of direct financial support given to the feasibility studies of projects aimed at benefiting from important opportunities for the development and competitiveness of the region, preventing threats and risks to the economy of the region, and improving the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of the region. Although the co-financing of the beneficiary is not required in feasibility support, the co-financing proposal is primarily supported. Maximum period of support is one year.

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SALT Research Funds

Combining Turkey's architecture, design, social and economic history with contemporary art memory, SALT Research offers digital archival documents to researchers as well as printed publications. SALT Research's funds for visual and material culture researches support projects aimed at the acquisition and examination of original documents in the fields of architecture and design, social and economic history and contemporary art.

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History Foundation Research Funds

The History Foundation supports scientific research projects and oral history under the titles, namely "institutional history”, "education”, "democracy and human rights”, “cultural heritage and local history”.

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Health Institutes of Turkey (TUSEB) Research Funds

Health Institutes of Turkey (TUSEB) aims to support planned and sustainable development by converting information into products through the university and industry collaboration model. It supports scientific research in the fields of health science and technology.

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