Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can be the project executive in BAP projects?
    In order to benefit from the Scientific Research Fund, the applicants as projective executive must be a full-time “faculty member” or “lecturer”. It is not possible for research assistants or students to apply as project executive, but research assistants can take part in the project team.

  3. Can I apply to the BAP Fund for my the thesis of my graduate student which I advise?
    As per the subparagraph 2 of Article 5 under The Scientific Research Projects Directive, students enrolled in Istanbul Bilgi University graduate programs can apply for support to the BAP fund if there is a budget allocated for supporting their thesis based on a research project. Applications of this nature are made under the supervision of the appointed thesis advisor. The application and evaluation of such projects are carried out according to the principles determined by the BAP Commission.

  5. I have an ongoing BAP project in which I am the project executive. Can I apply to the BAP Fund with another project proposal?
    If you have an ongoing BAP project for which you are a project executive, it is not possible to apply for a new BAP project until it is “positively” evaluated by the BAP Commission and officially completed.
    If you have worked as a “researcher” in a BAP project, you can only take part in another BAP project as an “executive” or as a “researcher” at the same time.

  7. Can I employ a research assistant for my BAP project? Can I employ an bachelor/master’s student or a research assistant?
    Yes. Undergraduate / graduate students can work as research assistants in your project and get paid. Research assistants may be assigned as “researchers” in projects, but they cannot paid for this work.

  9. Can I employ students from another university in my project?
    Bachelor, master’s and doctoral students studying at other universities can be employed and paid in BAP projects.

  11. Who can be paid from the project budget?
    The project executive or researchers cannot receive promotion bonuses or additional fees within the scope of the project. Only research assistants in the approved project budget can be paid.  Research assistants are required to have undergraduate or graduate student status. Persons with this status who work in another institution on a paid basis may work as research assistants in BAP projects if they are on leave from the institution they work in.
  12. What items does the project budget consist of?
    • Machinery and Equipment
    • Consumables
    • Service Procurement: Data Collection, input and analysis work should be done by the project team as much as possible. Research or service support from outside the institution can only be realized through the service contract.
    • Travel for field work: The accommodation and transportation requestes that are required during the research and can contribute directly to the research are met. However, travel costs, such as conference attendance for the purpose of publishing research results, are not supported.
    • Research Assistant: Research assistants and lecturers working full-time at BİLGİ can work in BAP-funded projects, but they cannot be paid by BAP. People in this situation should only be added to the “team” table. Undergraduate and graduate students can work as research assistants in projects regardless of their institution (Istanbul Bilgi University students are given priority).

  14. I have goods and services to buy in the project. How should I make the procurement?
    Documents related to all procedures and expenses related scientific research projects are retained and kept ready for auditing in line with the rules and principles approved by the authorized bodies of the University and general provisions of the relevant legislation.  Our university's purchasing processes apply for all purchases. You should contact our Procurement Unit ( by informing the Projects Office.

  16. Can I apply to the BAP Fund to get support for an ongoing project that I have received financing from outside the university?
    You can apply to the BAP Fund to expand the scope of your projects carried out with external resources, to obtain new research outcomes or to receive support for your expenses for building infrastructure.

  18. Can I purchase a computer for my project?
    The University's existing resources are expected to be used for computer needs.

  20. There will be expenses in my ongoing BAP project that I cannot foresee. Can I transfer amounts between my budget items?
    It is possible to make relocation between budget items. However, changes can only be made between approved budget items. It is not possible to transfer between budget items for expenses that are not included in the project contract. Transfers up to 20% of the total budget are under the responsibility of the project manager, while transfers over 20% can be realized with the approval of the BAP Commission