Within the framework of our University's strategic plan, mission, and vision, the Bilateral Agreements Office aims to facilitate students to gain cultural enrichment by offering study and internship opportunities around the world. This office creates agreements internationally in accordance with the needs of students to develop their global vision, perspective and personal growth as well as the enhancement of their academic potential and experiences.

Bilateral Agreements Office is a bridge between Istanbul Bilgi University and prestigious universities all around Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and the Middle East that gives BİLGİ students the opportunity to explore a wide range of study abroad exchange options through our Exchange Programs. The programs that we offer not only benefit our students to enhance their future careers, but are also a great way for them to discover themselves and bring to light their utmost potential. When looking for possible Partner universities, we go through a thorough process while selecting and negotiating these agreements that fit BİLGİ’s internationalization agenda best, in order to provide our students with the best educational experience.

Bilateral Agreements covers three types of exchange programs: Bilateral Exchange Programs, Swiss Mobility, and two types of academic programs: Summer/Winter Schools and Prep Abroad Programs.  

All students both undergraduate and graduate who meet the GPA requirements can apply. Students are advised to thoroughly read the Application Process. Students must return to their home university at the end of the exchange period and complete their program of study there. The credits obtained from the Partner university are applied in the Record of Transcript at the student's home university, subject to approval of relevant BİLGİ units. 

Our objectives are to support both incoming and outgoing students in developing the skills to adapt to living abroad, to advance the students’ foreign language as well as interpersonal communication skills, and to provide an advisory service to enable students to find international opportunities that best suit their needs.

Our intended unit outcomes are that English Preparatory Program students will be able to describe study abroad options and services given by Bilateral Exchange Office and that incoming & outgoing exchange students will be able to demonstrate advanced intercultural and interpersonal communication skills.

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Global Talent Management Center 

90 212 311 7243