Incoming Student

Incoming Student


- Due to the Principle of equality and transparency, Erasmus+ Application Call should be announced to all students via brochure, e-mail, website announcement, social media, and any other communication tools.

 - All selection criteria should be announced in the application call.- The application announcement should be published on the website minimum of 20 days before starting the application process. The application dates should be known by students before the application period opens. Erasmus+ application period should stay open for a minimum of 15 days.

Application Announcement should contain :

The application beginning and ending date should be published

Where the applications will be done ( online or by hand to the International Office) Quota, department and university list ( in one list)

The required academic GPA (average)The methods what will be used in determining the foreign language level, if it has any detail, it has to be specified

The information of the Erasmus grant The selection and evaluation criteria

The International Office should give a deadline for the cancellation.

All the application documents should be submitted to the International Office. The application announcement link should be sent to BİLGİ. Thereafter the information in this link will be reported from the BİLGİ to the Turkish National Agency.

Tuition Fee

If the students are paying tuition to their own university, they should continue to pay their tuition fees. The students will NOT PAY any tuition fee to BİLGİ.


-The selection process must be fair, transparent, and documented, ensuring equal opportunities for all applicants submitting their applications. - For undergraduate students minimum GPA of 2.50/4.00 - For graduate and PhD students, minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00- The student should have min. B2 English Level (IELTS, TOEFL, the University can provide an English exam for applicants, if there is a national English exam, it will be accepted if it is approved by the university. The exam result should be discussed with the Erasmus offices.)

*If there is a language certificate from a national exam that will be accepted by the students, these documents must be informed in detail to the BİLGİ.

- The selected student should be able to have at least 30 ECTS per semester at BİLGİ during the Erasmus study mobility period.

 - The obtained credits at BİLGİ  will be transferred directly to the home university. 

- Applicants should be a full-time student at the home university.


 - According to the evaluation criteria below, the International Office will list the students according to their success ranking and publish the list on their website and accept the objections to it, at the relevant date indicated on the website.

 - The Erasmus score will be calculated with the student’s half of the GPA + half of the language exam score.( %50 GPA+%50 Language Score)

If the student had taken part in an Erasmus+ program in previously  (with or without grant) -10 points for each (it should be applied for students next applications) Students who had been selected before for the Erasmus mobility but did not cancel it before the announced cancellation deadline -10 points Disabled students, on the condition for the disability to be documented +10 points *The International Office can not give any other extra Erasmus Points to the students other than the rules that have been listed above.


- The selected Erasmus students nominations will be done by BİLGİ's online nomination system “” with the nominator email address, both as your user name and password in order to access the nomination system. Detailed information about the online system will be sent to you as a booklet.

- After completing nominations the International office should send to BİLGİ all the selected documents of the applications. These are:

1) The Transcript of the nominated student (in English)

2) The list of placed and applicants students: the list should show results and information of students. The nominated students should be selected for the highest GPA and English exam results.

3) The home university’s application form that has been submitted in the Erasmus application period must be sent to BİLGİ in English.

4) The Commitment Letter should be sent to BİLGİ after the nomination process. Commitments Letter will include these explanations: the nomination made correctly, nominated students are placed according to the selection criteria and the related documents will be forwarded to BİLGİ on time. The letter will be sent to you by BİLGİ.

 5) After the International Office nominates selected students, BİLGİ’s online system will create a nomination form which has to be completed by the student and has to be approved by the home university and sent to BİLGİ.

 *If selected students who do not fulfill any selection criteria which they are mentioned above or the requested documents are not forwarded to BİLGİ by the International offices in time, BİLGİ will have the right to cancel the nominations of the students. Afterward, it will give you additional time to make the nominations of the new students who meet the criteria.

The coordinator of the home university has to submit the following document to BİLGİ before starting to the nomination.

Click here for the  Letter of Commitment

The nomination period for partner universities and students: 

Only Fall semester or full academic year : April 1st to June 15th

Spring semester: September 1st to November 15th




BİLGİ has a two-stage online system for incoming exchange students. At the first stage, the International Office of your home university will nominate you online as an Erasmus exchange student. At the second stage, you will be invited by e-mail to complete an Online Application Form.In the e-mail message, you will be given a username and a password. When you click "Online Application Form", you will be asked to enter your username and password. On the form, you will be asked to provide personal information.The online application must be completed on our website. Click here for the website

Students has to send their completed application forms to the Erasmus Office before the deadline. 

The nomination period for partner universities and students: 

Only Fall semester or full academic year : April 1st to June 15th

Spring semester: September 1st to November 15th

Late applications are NOT accepted. All the nominated students must submit their signed and stamped application form to the Erasmus Office of BİLGİ until the deadline. 

If you later choose not to attend BİLGİ, you should inform the Erasmus Office at BİLGİ to cancel your nomination.

If you have any problems with the application, please e-mail us via

Every semester, the Erasmus Office organizes  Orientation Days for all incoming exchange Students. All the nominated students must participate to those two important events to complete their school registration. On the Registration Day Incoming Exchange Students must be present in Istanbul to be able to complete their school registration. You won't be able to complete your course selection online without being registered at BİLGİ.

Obtaining a Visa

According to new regulations, you DO NOT need to get a student visa in order to study in Turkey as an Exchange student. We list the visa requirements based on different citizenship below. You can also check the visa requirements on the following website . In order to stay in Turkey more than 90 days, you need to apply for the Residence Permit. We will inform you in detail about the Residence Permit Procedure during the Orientation Day.If you own a blue card or a Turkish identity card you do not need to apply for a residence permit or neither visa, you can enter Turkey with your ID card.

We have a electronic visa application system. You may find more information in that page: 

Click here for the  E-visa Application Video

One of the requirements to obtain a residence permit is to have health insurance. Students must have a health insurance to apply for residence permit in Turkey. 

Option 1: Bring your health Insurance policy from your home country (Only valid for Erasmus Exchange Students)

*Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions) do not have an agreement with the insurer.

If you are bringing your own health insurance from your home country, the coverage table has to be shown in your insurance policy explicitly. Your insurance policy must be in compliance with the minimal requirements of the mandate for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. It has to be translated in Turkish and approved by the Notary in Turkey.

Please be aware that this regulation is only valid for Erasmus Exchange Students.

Option 2: Social security agreement between Turkey and your home country

If Turkey and your country have a social security agreement: You need to visit your social security office (not your private insurance company) in your country before you arrive. They will give you a document with the Turkish Social security Office's approval. You can use this approved form as your insurance, in your residence permit application. For further information about the security agreement, please contact the International Center of home university.

Here you can find the list of agreements:

Germany TA 11 

Netherlands N/TUR 111

Belgium BT 8

Austria A/TR 3

France SE 208-06 A FT & SE 208-28 FT

Turkish Republic of North Cyprus KKTC/TC 3

Romania R/TR 3

Bosnia Herzegovina BH/TR 4

Czech Rep CZ/TR 111

Macedonia MC/TR 4

Luxembourg TR/L 3

Albania AL/TR 4

Option 3: Private Health Insurance 

If you would like to use this option, you must be here in Istanbul and you will need a tax number to be able to complete your health insurance application.

You can get your tax number from the Tax offices. All you need is your passport and a photocopy of the passport page with your photograph on it.

Required documents to apply for Private Health Insurance :

  • Application form
  • Tax Number
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Student Certificate (Turkish Version)
  • Payment receipt of the insurance policy

For any questions, please contact with your Health Insurance Company. 

İstanbul Bilgi University provides dormitory service to our students with the dormitories that have contract with BİLGİ. They are private dormitories and very close to our campuses. The dormitories we recommend offer different room options in single, two, four and various capacities.

For suggestions and complaints:

Dormitory and Residence Coordination and Communication Professional:
Nelin Okay (santralistanbul Campus, Student Support)


Within one month of your arrival, you have to apply for your residence permit ONLINE. It is ok if your appointment date for your residence permit is after ONE month that you have been in Turkey.

A Residence Permit is an official document stating registration with the Directorate General of Migration Management (İçişleri Bakanlığı Göç İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü)

 The Erasmus Office will help you with your residence permit process and submit documents to the Migration Office on behalf of the student.

Online Application 

  • You must make an online application by going to the Migration Office website.
  • Please follow the guideline we have sent you on the orientation day. 
  • If you are applying for the first time, select “I LODGE AN APPLICATION FOR RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR THE FIRST TIME”.
  • After you fill the first page you will receive an email  or a message to your Turkish mobile number according to your preference. Please write a valid email address and phone number here because you will receive updates to for your application to that account. 
  • Online Application must be made, in any case, before the expiration of the visa.
  • The Erasmus Office will submit on behalf of you so you will submit all the necessary document to the Erasmus Office. 

Please keep in mind that  the Migration Office may always ask for additional information and documents concerning your residence permit request.

Required Documents 

  • Original Passport
  • Four Passport size photos (photo must be taken within the last 6-months (frontal, clear face, in a way that the foreigner can be recognized easily) with a white background and as biometric).
  • Photocopy of passport pages (the page with your photo, the page where validity and expiry dates are written, and the page with the last entry stamp)
  • 110 Turkish Lira fee receipt (you can pay the card fee at the tax office) Tax Office Address: Hisar Vergi Dairesi –Hobyar Mah. Yalıköşkü Cd. No: 16, Sirkeci-Fatih
  • Student Certificate (in Turkish) - This document will be provided you by the Erasmus Office. 
  • A printout of your online application form (must be colored print)
  • Health Insurance Policy (Turkish Version)
  • E-visa printout (for students who have e-visa)

Important Notes

  • Please do not make your online residence permit application before being physically here in Istanbul! According to the laws, you can only make this application after you cross the Turkish border.
  • If you are facing any technical difficulties on the website regarding your application, feel free to contact with the Erasmus Office. 
  • When you fill up the online application form please only use English keyboard/alphabet.
  • Once you complete your online form and submit, you cannot make any changes , so please be sure about the information you provide on the system. If you need any assistance, please contact with the Erasmus Office.
  • After you complete the form please make a color print, black-white print form is not accepted by the Directorate General of Migration Management.
  • After you complete the form take a note of your application’s reference number and save the pdf in your mailbox, you will need it.


This section is created to provide you important links that may ease your inquiries and aid in navigation within the university.

Below are helpful information that may your daily life in Istanbul easier.

Important Numbers

Ambulance: 112 (all over Turkey)

Police: 155 (all over Turkey)

Tourism Police: (0212) 5274503 (İstanbul only)

Gendarmerie: 156 (all over Turkey for rural areas)

Coast Guard: 158 (all over Turkey)

Fire Department: 110 (all over Turkey)

Forest Fire: 177 (all over Turkey)

Yellow Pages: 11818 or 11811 or 11880 (all over Turkey) the cost of directory could be expensive

Tourism Info: 170 (all over Turkey)

Please click here for;  ONLINE COURSE CATALOG

Please click here for; ACADEMIC CALENDARS

Please click here for; ECTS CREDIT ALLOCATION

On the following part click on documents name to view.


These documents should be obtained by the student before their travel to BİLGİ.

1.Letter of Commitment : This document has to be submitted by the home university before the nomination.

2.Before Mobility_Learning Agreement 

3.Application Procedure for Incoming Students


1.During Mobility_Learning Agreement 

This section is still on progess... Please contact BİLGİ's Erasmus Office  if you have any question.


1.After Mobility_Learning Agreement

This section is still on progess... Please contact BİLGİ's Erasmus Office  if you have any question.


1.ECTS Guidebook

2.Learning Agreement Guidelines 

This section is still on progess... Please contact BİLGİ's Erasmus Office  if you have any question.