The " General Course Catalog " lists all the Undergraduate courses of the University in which some courses are marked as “Recommended for International Students for 2019-20 academic year” (courses offered entirely or in large part in English). If you do not speak Turkish, you should register only for those courses titled as Recommended for International Students. Turkish speaking international students may register for any course listed in the “General Course Catalog”.

Each course in the catalog is assigned both BİLGİ and ECTS credits. The normal workload for a semester is 30 ECTS credits. We strongly advise that international exchange students not exceed 36 ECTS credits or 6 undergraduate courses a semester.

Restrictions, special conditions or prerequisites for courses do not apply to international exchange students. You must instead obtain the approval of your Bilateral Exchange Department at BİLGİ. It is very important that you consult with your International Programs Department Coordinator prior to course selection.

International exchange students may take courses from any faculty or department as electives, alongside their major field of study. Undergraduate students may register for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year courses depending on the program requirements of their home university and their areas of interest. 100 level courses are introductory, 200 level courses are introductory to intermediary, 300 level courses intermediary to advanced, and 400 level courses are advanced level undergraduate courses. Postgraduate students may register for 500 level MA courses, as well as take advanced undergraduate courses depending on the program requirements of their home university.

International students may register for TK 111 "Turkish Language for Foreigners-Beginners Level" and TK 112 "Turkish Language for Foreigners-Intermediary Level".

Highly recommended courses for international students are: IR 323 (fall and spring) "Turkish Politics and Foreign Policy" and IR 505 (fall and spring) "Turkish Politics and Foreign Policy- MA Level.