Message from Director

Istanbul Bilgi University’s utmost priority is Internationality. We believe that education as a whole must go away from the confinement of concrete walls. Taking education beyond its traditional setting, allows students to truly blossom and make the globe their oyster. We take our motto; quite seriously “Learning not for school but for life” and it serves as a foundation to every step BİLGİ takes going forward.

The concepts of pluralism, diversity and critical thinking are highly regarded within our institution. We aim to allow our students of all degrees to develop themselves in a way that they will be fully capable of tackling the complex issues of today’s world. By offering a curriculum that is designed to educate them academically and professionally. Istanbul Bilgi University strictly envelops the idea of embodying students with a solid sense of responsibility that would be aware of the challenges our world faces.

Istanbul Bilgi University is an establishment that is entirely welcoming to any and all forms of international activities. Driven by our passion for developing ourselves through any means necessary; Our rigorous efforts on appealing to international academic quality standards and the principles of accreditation is a mere reflection of our resolution. BİLGİ develops life-long educational programs in accordance with its belief that access to means of self-improvement is a basic right for individuals at any age. By providing a discipline of education that will sustain throughout one’s life after their graduation, through the means of the programs that we design to serve such purpose, is a priority for the Istanbul Bilgi University.

As aforementioned, internationality is a high-value aspect of BİLGİ. Our prime goal upon this matter is to appeal both domestic and internationally in regards to the services we provide as a whole. Every generation has the potential to make changes to their futures and as educators we are here to lead and provide them with the knowledge of the past to develop future. Being able to contribute to even a fraction of their concepts and ideas is an utmost honour for us. By the time that they graduate, they will be individuals that are fully capable of contributing in their process of education, making efficient research and analysis; Ultimately emerging as an overall intellectual and able human being.

Global Talent Management Center Director