Internship Mobility

Internship Mobility

Students can take part in the study mobility program for min. 3 and max. 12 months at every study cycle (two-year degree, undergraduate, graduate or PhD) during their education life. The duration of internship mobility program is min. 2 and max. 12 months. Students can participate in both programs for max. up to 12 months with or without a grant at every level. (two-year degree, undergraduate, graduate or PhD). The duration of mobility cannot exceed 12 months even if it is without a grant.

Yes, it is possible for a student to have Erasmus+ Study or Erasmus+ Internship Mobility grant for once  or multiple times for 12 months in total at every cycle during his/her education life. Having an Internship Mobility grant before does not prevent a student from having a Study Mobility grant.

Yes, however, since grants are calculated from 12 months in total, you’ll be granted in accordance with the remaining time left within your 12 months maximum. Namely, a student having had a 6-month grant at undergraduate level before can have a 6-month grant more regardless of the type of the mobility. Additionally, a student who has participated in Erasmus+ Mobility before is given -10 points so that new candidates can have priority to attend the program

It is compulsory for you to be a student in order to be recognized as eligible for the Erasmus+ Internship Program. You need to make your application and be nominated as a senior student before your graduation in order to be able to participate in the program within 12 months following your graduation.

No, it is completely students’ responsibility. You can check the website and the database for all available institution offers. Furthermore, you can also contact your Department Erasmus Coordinator to benefit from their communcation network.

Firstly, you need to send a letter of motivation that briefly describes your qualifications and skills along with your CV which we recommend you to write in Europass format to the institutions you are interested in via e-mail. You may get help from the Bilgi Talent(Career Centre) to prepare these documents. Make sure that you mention your desire to be an intern in the scope of Erasmus+ Internship program and the exact dates you want to work as an intern. In parallel with this, if there is an available position, don’t forget to ask for a letter of acceptance. Also, touching upon the benefits you’ll get from the institution and your career goals briefly might be helpful for you.

Since every institution has different procedures, we don’t suggest you a prototype letter of acceptance. Yet, every letter of acceptance should be a legal document written in a headed letter paper. It should include your name-surname, your exact dates of internship, a brief summary of your internship, the stamp and the signature of your coordinator/mentor at the institution, the stamp and the contact details of the institution. You can find a template on our website.

Yes, you can apply for the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program whether you have a mandatory internship or not.

If the mandatory internship at Bilgi University fits in with the one in Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program in terms of content, Erasmus+ Internship can be counted as an equivalent to the mandatory one at Bilgi University. For the students who does not have a mandatory internship, the Erasmus+ Internship they plan to apply will be evaluated as a voluntary one. The internship should be related to your field of study in both case.

Yes, absolutely. As long as the content of your internship matches up with your field of study, you can apply for the program.

You need to be a registered student at junior (1st year level) level at least. (Excluding the prep students)

You need to have a CGPA of min. 2.20/4.00 if you are a two-year degree or undergraduate student  or a CGPA of min. 2.50/4.00 if you are a graduate or Phd student.

A precise schedule about the whole process is announced on our website every year. After the start of academic year, you can check our website periodically to see the dates in regard to the whole process.

As the process for these documents differs from country to country, it is students’ responsibility to get them. You need to get a student certificate from the registrar’s office or the SIS system in order not to pay a fee during your passport application. One of the visa documents is visa/grant letter that will be written by Erasmus office and given when requested. In this document, the duration of your mobility and your total amount of grant support will be indicated.

According to the Turkish National Agency rules, all students are required to get a health insurance before the mobility. Students participating in the internship program have to get an insurance for health, accidents and liability.

This situation entirely depends on the institution.

Istanbul Bilgi University calls for a grant from Turkish National Agency each year. Yet, the amount that will be provided to the students, total student number and grant duration entirely depend on the volume of the fund that we receive from Turkish National Agency. Accordingly, you may not receive a grant for your entire mobility. It is possible for you to be an internship student without a grant, though.

Yes as long as you have a GPA of 2.20  for Bachelor's and 2.50 for Master's you can attend in an Erasmus+ Exchange.