Internship Mobility

Internship Mobility

Please kindly visit this page for 2023 Project Erasmus+ Europe Traineeship Mobility applications.

Please kindly visit this page for 2023 Project Erasmus+ Europe Traineeship  Mobility results.

Erasmus+ Europe 2023 Project Traineeship Mobility Application Results

Dear Students,

We kindly ask you to read all the explanations below.

First of all, we would like to congratulate all our students who have been found eligible for Erasmus+ Europe Traineeship Mobility.

Within the scope of Europe Traineeship Mobility Project Period 2023-1-TR01-KA131-HED-000119987, the grant distribution method for the 2024-2025 Academic Year has been determined by the Erasmus+ Commission of İstanbul Bilgi University and is submitted for your information below:

  • Since the budget allocated to our University from the National Agency in the 2024-2025 Academic Year is not sufficient for all our students, it has been decided by the Erasmus Commission of İstanbul Bilgi University appointed by the Rectorate to give a PARTIAL GRANT (mobility for a certain period regardless of the day/month of mobility) to grant as many as of our students who will carry out Traineeship Mobility. Students who are eligible to receive grants are listed as granted (Kabul Hibeli) and students who are waiting to receive grants are listed as not granted (Kabul Hibesiz). Students with not granted status can benefit from traineeship mobility without the grant.
  • Students with conditionally accepted (ŞARTLI KABUL) status must submit a letter of acceptance as of 30.06.2024 in order to participate in the mobility program. If the acceptance letter is not submitted, the eligibility status will be invalid. The rights of that student will be transferred to the next candidate.
  • Students who are eligible for traineeship mobility will receive grant for 2 months. Students planning their traineeship mobility for more than 2 months should proceed in accordance with this article.
  • In the first stage (after the visa is acquired), 80% of your grant will be paid. At the end of your mobility, provided that you complete the necessary documents and successfully complete your internship, the remaining grant (20%) payment will be made.
  • Students who want to cancel their Erasmus+ Mobility after the announcement must fill and sign the cancellation petition and submit it to our office until 17:00, 29.04.2024IMPORTANT: 10 points will be deducted from the score of the students who cancel their mobility after this date in their next Erasmus+ applications.
  • Students who want to object to the announced results should send their petition of objection to until 25.04.2024.
  • Students who participate in the mobility for more than 4 months should fill in the shortening petition if they would like to shorten their mobility dates and submit it to the Erasmus Office until 17:00 on 29.04.2024.
  • The mentioned project ends on 31.07.2025 and the relevant internship mobility must be carried out until this date.

The grant agreement period and information about the orientation will be announced later.

Best regards,

Erasmus Office

Useful Documents

2022-2023 Academic Year Erasmus+ Internship Documents

During the Application Process

Before the Mobility 

  • Copy Pages Of Your Health Insurance Policy (Full Scope And Including The Flight Dates) (Health+ Accident + Personal Liability)
  • Garanti Bank Euro Account Information

During the Mobility (If it is necessary)

After the Mobility

2020-2021 Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Documents

♦ During the Application Process

  • Application Form

♦The Document Should Submit After The Application Period

♦ Before the Mobility 

  • Copy Pages Of Your Health Insurance Policy (Full Scope And Including The Flight Dates) (Health+ Accident + Personal Liability)
  • Garanti Bank Euro Account Information
  • OLS Online Language Exam (will be allocated to students' BILGı emails after completing all necessary documents)

♦During the Mobility (If it is necessary)

♦After the Mobility

2019-2020 Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Documents

During the Application Process

Before the Mobility 

  • Copy Pages Of Your Health Insurance Policy (Full Scope And Including The Flight Dates) (Health+ Accident + Personal Liability)
  • Garanti Bank Euro Account Information

During the Mobility (If it is necessary)

After the Mobility

Erasmus+ Placement Program is one of the programs of Erasmus+ Program which is an initiative of the European Union. A placement is a period of time that a student can spend in a company (profit/non-profit), university or academic centre, which are related to their area of studies at a participating European country or participating country. Placements assist students to adapt to the requirements of the labour market, to acquire specific skills and to improve their work experience. Students are expected to work full time

Students can participate to the internship mobility during their study period or after graduation.  Students who are about to graduate, they have to apply while they are still student, then they can participate in the internship program in 12 months following to their graduation. Already graduated students cannot apply to the mobility

 General Information

Internship is not expected to be mandatory for the student to graduate but the economic sector of the internship is expected to be related to the students area of study. In case of the company, that the internship takes place is a higher education institution, the internship needs to be in the general administration offices as hands on working experience, not an academic learning activity. The Erasmus placement period cannot be used to conduct research or analysis projects related to academic studies within a certain program.

The work that the students do to complete or help their own scientific research, other scientific researches or projects are not considered an internship activity.  

For an action to be considered as an internship, it should not be a part of an academic activity but a professional activity in the relevant sector of work that they study. For example, as a product development internship you can work in a research and development company or in a research and development companies scientific research department or at a university lab that a company works with for scientific research and it will be regarded as an internship activity.

According to the program rules; if the internship activity is carried out as a part of curriculum, the internship has to be fully and preferably recognized by the institution using ECTS credits. In cases where the internship is not part of the curriculum, the higher education institution recognizes the internship activity carried out abroad by registering it in the Diploma Supplement.

The Erasmus+ Internship Mobility recognized and credited by our University. The Erasmus+ Internship Mobility, will indicate in the student's graduation transcript and diploma supplement.Obtained ECTS of the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility is determined by DEC by considering work-load of the Student. Thus, internship Mobility can be regarded as both elective course and obligatory internship of the department.

Students with compulsory internship must consult the departmental coordinator and obtain approval in that regard.  In order for the internship to be considered as a course or compulsory internship, the internship must be successfully completed. Erasmus + Internship Mobility extension  should be request min. 1 month in advance. 

The Student can participate in Erasmus+(Sudy,Internship)once or several times and receive grants for a maximum of 12 months in the same education level. Regarding Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program or Erasmus+ Internship Program, students can receive mobility grants only for 12 months in total, for each level of education (undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate). If the student received mobility grants for Erasmus+ Internship Program, (s)he can also receive mobility grants for Erasmus+ Exchange Program, as well. This means, students can receive mobility grants for 12 months in total for each of the Erasmus+ programs (Erasmus Exchange or Erasmus Placement), at each level.

► Mobility Grants

The mobility grants do not cover all the expenses of study abroad periods. Mobility grants only aim to support students during their study abroad periods. Students can choose not to receive their mobility grants. Students can also be Erasmus students even though they may not receive mobility grants.

For students who end their mobility period before planned due to force majeure causes*(family causes, health issues, natural disasters etc.) will be granted only for days rested at the foreign country. If the student is granted before mobility for more than actualized dates, the extra amount will be asked for refunding from the student. According to “General Proposal Call” declared by the European Commission, Erasmus+ work placement program should last for at least 2 months. This minimum duration cannot be lessened apart from the majeure causes mentioned before.


Country Groups

Host Mobility Countries

Monthly Grant



Group 1 and 2 Countries

United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Southern Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, 


Group 3 Countries

Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey


During the internship, internship duration can be interrupted due to the fact that the company has a holiday. In this case, the grant will be paid during that period but it will not be included in the necessary internship activity. To be able to complete the minimum dates that are required to finish the internship, the student has to research the dates that the company is on holiday and make sure that excluding the holidays the time that they work in their internship corresponds to the minimum dates of an internship. Weekends are not holidays that will be taken out of the internship period.

Majeure causestands for a situation or event that prevents one of the parts in a contract to fulfil its contractual obligation, not caused by fault or omission of the parts, subcontracts, affiliates or 3rd parts involved in the application, but occurs inevitably and unpredicably outside of the parts’ control, despite all the care and attention. A service not provided, defects in equipments or utensils or their delay in being prepared, cannot be declared as a majeure cause if not directly caused by a force majeure, labor dispute, strike or financial issues.  

Web-Sites You Can Search For The Call For Erasmus+ Internship Mobility 













Previous Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Places

CLICK HERE to see the places our students have completed their Erasmus+ Internship mobilities previously. Please check out the validity of the compaines and their information beforehand while you are also doing your research.

While contacting first time with the companies, we suggest you to write a short intention/ motivation letter for introduce yourself. A well-prepared letter and CV will increase your chance to proceed the next stage. We suggest you to check online sources to find examples for these documents.

You can download the CV and Motivation Letter samples and get more information from the  Talent web page. Please click for Talent Development Web page.

After you preparing a good CV and letter of intent, you can start the internship search process by looking at the web sites where you can find Erasmus + internships. 

Students are responsible themselves for researching and finding an appropriate internship position in relevant institutions. Regarding accommodation, students will be advised from the institution they are going to work at. However, students must find their own means of accommodation in the host country.

The job advert below are old requests. You can re-contact the companies and consult whether there are current internship needs.


Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles - International Relations Office - (please Click for offer) - NEW

Lucas Freire Architecture - Architecture Internship ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Lucas Freire Architecture - Marketing Internship ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Optimy (Please Click for offer)

Polydea (Please Click for offer)


Ascari (Please Click for offer)


Digital Academy (Please Click for offer)


Hachette Livre (Please Click for offer)

University Paris 13 (Please Click for offer)

Alahambra International (Please Click for offer)

Impact Partenaires (Please Click for offer)

Amio (Please Click for offer)

Wingly (Please Click for offer)

Les Pensières (Please Click for offer)


Studio Flaer GbR ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Hempel Rehabilitation (Please Click for offer) 

Migration Miteinader (Please Click for offer) 

Neuro-Psychiatrisches Zentrum Riem (Please Click for offer) 

Therapiezentum Munich (Please Click for offer) 

Startup Guide (Please Click for offer)

ML Components GmbH (Please Click for offer)


University of Pecs (Please Click for offer) - NEW


SES (Please Click for offer)


ML Components GmbH (Please Click for offer)


Hélène Dashorst Textile Design (Please Click for offer) - NEW

Cityforster (Please Click for offer)

Studio Roof (Please Click for offer)- NEW


International School of Bergen ( Please Click for offer)

Arendal International School (Please Click for offer)


Partenaire Pologne (Please Click for offer)

University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów (Please Click for offer)


Covet Group (Please Click for offer) – NEW

  1. Offer
  2. Offer
  3. Offer
  4. Offer
  5. Offer
  6. Offer
  7. Offer
  8. Offer

Teleperformance Portugal (Please Click for offer)


Teleperformance Portugal (Please Click for offer)


Teleperformance Portugal (Please Click for offer)







Teleperformance Portugal (Please Click for offer)

Restaurant Hisop (Please Click for offer)


AstraZeneca (Please Click for offer)


Room Club ( Please Click for offer) - NEW

Mangera Yvars Architects   (Please Click for offer) - NEW

Baltex (Please Click for offer)

Liveseysolar Please see the offer




Costello Medical (Please Click for offer)

Iwoca  (Please Click for offer)

Orbis (Please Click for offer)

 Augusta & Co  (Please Click for offer)

The British International School (Please Click for offer)





AstraZeneca (Teklifi görmek için Click)

British Study Center (Teklifi görmek için Click)


Futuro Digitale ( Please Click for Offer)

Please CLICK HERE for 2023 - 2024 Academic Year Erasmus+ Europe Traineeship Mobility Application Call - 2022 Project Term

Please CLICK HERE for 2023 - 2024 Academic Year Erasmus+ Europe Traineeship Mobility Application Call - 2021 Project Term 

Previous Calls:

2020-2021 Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Call

  • Please Click for Erasmus+ Trainesship Mobility Process Calendar
  • Please CheckThe Presentation For More Information On How To Apply On Era System.
  • Please Click for the Online Application (Application system will be online at 25th January)

  • It is anticipated that the results would be announced during the 2nd or 3rd week of March 2021
  • For the 2020-2021 Erasmus + Internship Mobility participation of the expected students is average 18

Application has 2 stage:

1st stage:  PRE-Application and ONLINE application has to be filled out. Please make your pre-application for only once and continue for application. Please watch ERA system informative video that is mentioned above.

2nd stage: STUDENTS SHOULD DOWLOAD THE DOCUMENT LISTED BELOW TO ERA SYSTEM February 15th 2021 until 17:00 p.m.

  • Application Form signed from you*

*You must submit ONLY Application Form with signature to the system. 

* * Letter of Acceptance should be at least one page long and contain the student’s DETAILED tasks as intern and the exact dates (min. 60 days) the student will continue to work. Signed and stamped original version of the document must be submitted.

  • Please check the sample letter and make sure that your acceptance letter contains all the necessary information mentioned in the letter.
  • Please Click the sample Learning Agreement.


Online Application Beginning Date: 25th January 2021
Online Application Ending Date: 15th February 2021

1) Summer Period Internship: 22 February-31 September 2021*
* Deadline of the submitting Acceptance Letter: 12nd April 2021 (min. 60 Days) 

2) Fall Period Internship: 1st October 2021-31st May 2022**
** Deadline of the submitting Acceptance Letter: 5th July 2021 (min. 60 Days)

Acceptance Letter will not be accepted after the dates above.

Selection Process:

Academic Performance (CGPA) %50 (out of 100)

Foreign Language Score  %50 (out of 100)

To be a full-time registered student (graduates can complete an internship of up to 12 months after graduation, provided that they have completed their applications at the same time as a student)

Students who freeze registration cannot benefit from the  internship mobility.

Min CGPA should be 2.20 ( for Bachelor) 2.50 (for Masters)

Completing the first semester of the degree program before going to the Erasmus + Internship program.

IMPORTANT: All informations will be made from the e-mail accounts of without taking into account the e-mail addresses specified during the application. For this purpose, our students can log in to the student e-mail addresses on the main web page of Istanbul Bilgi University with their user name and password.

Language Proficiency: 

  •  Erasmus+ Language Score obtained last two years: minimum 60/100
  • YDS, E-YDS,YÖKDİL obtained last five years: minimum 60/100
  • BILET 2 /BILET 3 / LEVEL 5 AT: minimum 60/100 
  • IELTS score obtained last two years: minimum 5 upon 9 
  • TOEFL-IBT score obtained last two years: minimum 72 

A student that uses a valid language exam score may not change their score with another one after their application, and may not take the Erasmus+ English Exam which will be held.

  • In case of using one of accepted exams’ scores, the score has to be entered to the related field in online application platform during application.

Selection Criterias:

  • Child of martyrs or war veterans (Has to be documented) +15 points
  • Students who are who have been under protection by 2828  Social Services Law. The proving documents must be submitted to the online application system during the application period.
  • (Proving document has to be obtained from Ministry Of Family And Social Policies) +10 points
  • Disabled students, on condition for the disability to be documented.+10 points
  • Had previously take part in a Erasmus+ program (with or without grant)  -10 points for each
  • Going for mobility at a country where holds citizenship   -10 points
  • Students who had been selected before to participate to an Erasmus mobility but didn’t cancel their right before the announced cancellation deadline         -10 points
  • Candidates who applied simultaneously for two activities within the same application call (the student will sign a petition regarding her/his decision on from which application the deduction will be applied)     -10 points
  • Not participating to orientations for previously placed students    -5 points
  • Approved Acceptance Letter during the application period +10 (NEW)


The following organizations are not eligible for higher education internship activities under Erasmus +:

 European Union institutions and EU agencies (see

National Agency, etc., which conduct EU programs. organizations.

  • Uncompleted, wrong or late applications will be deleted automatically.
  • The application is under responsibility of students. Missing documents and wrong documents will be eliminated during eligibility check process.
  • Students who do double-major can only apply for one major.
  • Please, follow the announcements for changes that may occur in the mobility processes according to the course of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Is it possible for me to participate both in the study and the internship mobility programs?

Students can take part in the study mobility program for min. 3 and max. 12 months at every study cycle (two-year degree, undergraduate, graduate or PhD) during their education life. The duration of internship mobility program is min. 2 and max. 12 months. Students can participate in both programs for max. up to 12 months with or without a grant at every level. (two-year degree, undergraduate, graduate or PhD). The duration of mobility cannot exceed 12 months even if it is without a grant.

Can i participate in the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility multiple times?

Yes, it is possible for a student to have Erasmus+ Study or Erasmus+ Internship Mobility grant for once  or multiple times for 12 months in total at every cycle during his/her education life. Having an Internship Mobility grant before does not prevent a student from having a Study Mobility grant.

I've participated in the Erasmus+ Study Mobility program and was granted, am I still eligible for grant support?

Yes, however, since grants are calculated from 12 months in total, you’ll be granted in accordance with the remaining time left within your 12 months maximum. Namely, a student having had a 6-month grant at undergraduate level before can have a 6-month grant more regardless of the type of the mobility. Additionally, a student who has participated in Erasmus+ Mobility before is given -10 points so that new candidates can have priority to attend the program

Can Seniors Participate in the Erasmus+ Internship Program?

It is compulsory for you to be a student in order to be recognized as eligible for the Erasmus+ Internship Program. You need to make your application and be nominated as a senior student before your graduation in order to be able to participate in the program within 12 months following your graduation.

Will the university provide me with available institutions for the internship program?

No, it is completely students’ responsibility. You can check the website and the database for all available institution offers. Furthermore, you can also contact your Department Erasmus Coordinator to benefit from their communcation network.

How can I find an institution for my Erasmus+ Internship Mobility?

Firstly, you need to send a letter of motivation that briefly describes your qualifications and skills along with your CV which we recommend you to write in Europass format to the institutions you are interested in via e-mail. You may get help from the Bilgi Talent(Career Centre) to prepare these documents. Make sure that you mention your desire to be an intern in the scope of Erasmus+ Internship program and the exact dates you want to work as an intern. In parallel with this, if there is an available position, don’t forget to ask for a letter of acceptance. Also, touching upon the benefits you’ll get from the institution and your career goals briefly might be helpful for you.

How should my letter of acceptance be? Is there a template letter?

Since every institution has different procedures, we don’t suggest you a prototype letter of acceptance. Yet, every letter of acceptance should be a legal document written in a headed letter paper. It should include your name-surname, your exact dates of internship, a brief summary of your internship, the stamp and the signature of your coordinator/mentor at the institution, the stamp and the contact details of the institution. You can find a template on our website.

I don't have a mandatory internship. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply for the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program whether you have a mandatory internship or not.

If the mandatory internship at Bilgi University fits in with the one in Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program in terms of content, Erasmus+ Internship can be counted as an equivalent to the mandatory one at Bilgi University. For the students who does not have a mandatory internship, the Erasmus+ Internship they plan to apply will be evaluated as a voluntary one. The internship should be related to your field of study in both case.

I've already finished my mandatory internship. Can I still participate in the internship mobility program?

Yes, absolutely. As long as the content of your internship matches up with your field of study, you can apply for the program.

What are the criterias for the application?

You need to be a registered student at junior (1st year level) level at least. (Excluding the prep students)

You need to have a CGPA of min. 2.20/4.00 if you are a two-year degree or undergraduate student  or a CGPA of min. 2.50/4.00 if you are a graduate or Phd student.

When can I apply?

A precise schedule about the whole process is announced on our website every year. After the start of academic year, you can check our website periodically to see the dates in regard to the whole process.

How will I get my visa and passport?

As the process for these documents differs from country to country, it is students’ responsibility to get them. You need to get a student certificate from the registrar’s office or the SIS system in order not to pay a fee during your passport application. One of the visa documents is visa/grant letter that will be written by Erasmus office and given when requested. In this document, the duration of your mobility and your total amount of grant support will be indicated.

Is getting a health insurance mandatory? If so, how will I get one?

According to the Turkish National Agency rules, all students are required to get a health insurance before the mobility. Students participating in the internship program have to get an insurance for health, accidents and liability.

Will I be paid by the institution for my internship?

This situation entirely depends on the institution.

Is it possible for me to be granted during the entire period of my internship?

Istanbul Bilgi University calls for a grant from Turkish National Agency each year. Yet, the amount that will be provided to the students, total student number and grant duration entirely depend on the volume of the fund that we receive from Turkish National Agency. Accordingly, you may not receive a grant for your entire mobility. It is possible for you to be an internship student without a grant, though.