Student Testimonials

Istanbul Bilgi University sends a great number of its students to universities all over the world in the scope of Erasmus+, Swiss Mobility, Bilateral Agreements exchange programs and Prep Abroad program and welcomes so many students from different parts of the world every year. All our students participating in these exchange programs gain new perspectives in international environments, improve their foreign language skills, interact with plenty of students from a wide range of cultures and develop themselves academically and socially. Global Talent Management Center- Global Affairs aims to offer much more study abroad alternatives to Istanbul Bilgi University students trying to expand these exchange programs on the basis of country and university diversity. 

You can read students testimonials clicking on every country and have an idea about the opportunities awaiting you.

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Partner Universities in United States

Sebastian Gabel

Political Science


I have spent a lot of time with experiencing Turkey, Istanbul especially. It was a great time. I got to know a lot of new people which became really important to me over time. Academically it was nice to make new experiences and see some alternative opinions on diefferent issues. I really enjoyed the semester, and my Istanbul experience generally. Bilgi was the most interesting university for me as it had a very liberal and open-minded academic profile.

Partner Universities in Germany

Erasmus Partners

You can reach our Erasmus partner universities searching for Germany through the search engine in the link below.!/erasmus

Iro Anastasiadou

Erasmus+ Internship

I have nothing but compliments to say about my experience as a trainee at the International Center of Istanbul Bilgi University. It was more than a valuable working experience, it was my home and family for 3 months! The working conditions were excellent and the environment was the friendliest possible. Working by the side of commendable employees, I had the chance to enhance my administrative and communicative skills by handling several responsibilities, learn how to time-manage, be efficient and productive, take initiatives and integrate myself the best way possible. Those were supplies that will not only be an asset to my future career and employment, but helped me in terms of personal development and growth as well. I lived extraordinary moments with people I will never forget and created bonds that will stay for life. I definitely left the office as a more motivated and dedicated person and look forward to new job opportunities ahead of me that will allow me to prove myself and the precious things I have learned there.

Partner Universities in Greece

Erasmus Partners

You can reach our Erasmus partner universities searching for Greece through the search engine in the link below.!/erasmus