How to Apply for a Health Insurance

Health Insurance

One of the requirements to obtain a residence permit is to have health insurance. Students must have a health insurance to apply for residence permit in Turkey. Here are the options for health insurance.

Option 1: Bring your health Insurance policy from your home country (Only valid for Erasmus Exchange Students)

*Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions) do not have an agreement with the insurer.

If you are bringing your own health insurance from your home country, the coverage table has to be shown in your insurance policy explicitly. Your insurance policy must be in compliance with the minimal requirements of the mandate for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. It has to be translated in Turkish and approved by the Notary in Turkey.

Please be aware that this regulation is only valid for Erasmus Exchange Students.

Option 2: Social security agreement between Turkey and your home country

If Turkey and your country have a social security agreement: You need to visit your social security office (not your private insurance company) in your country before you arrive. They will give you a document with the Turkish Social security Office's approval. You can use this approved form as your insurance, in your residence permit application. For further information about the security agreement, please contact the International Center of home university.

Here you can find the list of agreements:

Germany TA 11 

Netherlands N/TUR 111

Belgium BT 8

Austria A/TR 3

France SE 208-06 A FT & SE 208-28 FT

Turkish Republic of North Cyprus KKTC/TC 3

Romania R/TR 3

Bosnia Herzegovina BH/TR 4

Czech Rep CZ/TR 111

Macedonia MC/TR 4

Luxembourg TR/L 3

Albania AL/TR 4

Option 3: Private Health Insurance 

If you would like to use this option, you must be here in Istanbul and you will need a tax number to be able to complete your health insurance application.

You can get your tax number from the Tax offices. All you need is your passport and a photocopy of the passport page with your photograph on it.

Required documents to apply for Private Health Insurance :

  • Application form
  • Tax Number
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Student Certificate (Turkish Version)
  • Payment receipt of the insurace policy

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Health Insurance Company.