Winter Programs

Winter Programs

Every winter, students have the opportunity to participate in the winter programs abroad in various countries. These programs are equipped with academic program as well as with cultural and social activities.

Application Requirements: The Application criteria depends on the program.

Language requirements: Depending on the program TOEFL or IELTS might be needed.

Application Procedure:

  • Please check the information from the program links.
  • With the approval of your faculty you can make credit transfer upon successful completion of the program. Please consider that credit transfer is not available in every program.
  • Students need pre-approval from their faculty in order to credit transfer. Before you apply for a winter school, please contact with Bilateral Agreements Office for a pre-approval request.
  • Winter programs are self-paid programs and scholarship is not available to participate in the programs. BİLGİ students have discounts on various programs.
  • Please pay attention to the deadlines! Due to the visa, accommodation and travel arrangements some universities may not take any applications after the deadlines.