Genel Rules and Procedure

Rules of Exchange



  • Students accepted for a Bilateral Exchange Program pay their tuition fees to BİLGİ and are exempt from paying any fees to the Partner institution.
  • Students are responsible for their own passport and visa fees, transportation to and from the Partner university, health and travel insurance, and all other living costs and personal expenses during their studies abroad.
  • Partner universities are willing to assist the students with their living arrangements if they meet all the  deadlines.
  • Students must obtain an insurance policy valid for the country in which they plan to study. Such health insurance must be arranged by the student prior to departure. If for some reason the student is unable to obtain insurance prior to arrival, the Partner university can assist the student in obtaining a policy upon arrival. All fees regarding the health insurance fall within the responsibility of the student.
  • Students are subject to the rules and regulations of the Partner university and the host country's law and regulations during their study abroad period.
  • Upon completion of the program, the Partner university will provide a transcript to the International Center of BİLGİ. Upon evaluation of the transcript by the Faculty Board, the decision concerning the credit transfer will be sent to the Registers’ Office.
  • You can only transfer 60 ECTS credits which cover 25% of the total program credits that you are currently studying at BILGI. Please check our Rules and Regulations for more information.