Social Responsibility And Hobby Clubs

Awareness and Yoga Club

Awareness and Yoga Club aims to bring together the people who are willing to get to know themselves, their soul and body with mindfulness practices, yoga, and meditation.

Bigezet Club

Bigezet Club aims to bring students together in both BİLGİ events and also in the successful events that take place in Türkiye. It aims to ensure that students travel and have fun, improve themselves in the field of teamwork and crisis management, and acquire positive experiences in terms of human relations.

BİLGİ Astronomy Club

BİLGİ Astronomy Club aims to increase the dialogue between those interested in astronomy as amateurs, to improve their knowledge by organizing seminars and conferences on the subject, to organize sky observation festivals or to participate in the organized festivals.

BİLGİ Kızılay Club

BİLGİ Kızılay Club aims to conduct social responsibility activities with the support of Kızılay and/or in collaboration with Kızılay. These activities will be organized by students who aim to be beneficial to people without making discrimination among communities or groups. The club also aims to organize trainings that will contribute to the academic or personal development of BİLGİ students.



The youth program of Lions, Leo aims to develop personal generosity, sense of responsibility, and voluntary service to society. Leo sustains its works under three main subjects, namely leadership, experience, and creation of possibilities and serves to the development of society as a nongovernmental organization. By means of the possibilities that their organization offers, Leo members create opportunities for those in need and also improve their own qualifications. BİLGİ Leo Club serves to the society in light of these goals and forms an ecosystem in which the future leaders are raised by keeping this culture alive at BİLGİ.


BİLGİ LÖSEV Club aims to inform university students about social aid, to organize activities that will enable its members to be active and sensitive on social issues during their education, to provide every kind of information about leukemia and cancer or to educate its members as to how to obtain this information.

BİLGİ Photography Club

BİLGİ Photography Club aims to provide a space where people who love photography and are interested in photography come together to talk about photography, share information, and organize activities to take photographs.

BİLGİ Rotaract Community

BİLGİ Rotaract Community is an independent student club established in order to inform BİLGİ students about the projects and programs that International Rotary and Rotaract offer to students and familiarize BİLGİ students with Rotaract, an international nongovernmental organization

BİLGİ Sos-K Social Responsibility Club

Established with the aim of collaborating with various NGOs and foundations in the field of social responsibility, the club aims to organize its own social responsibility activities increasing the awareness regarding social responsibility and ensuring that its members acquire social awareness.

BİLGİ Wellness Club

BİLGİ Wellness Club aims to encourage active living and healthy eating and to bring together those who want to practice this lifestyle.

BİLGİ Without Disability

The club aims to reach more people by conducting works within the school in order to raise awareness in the society regarding the individuals with disability.

BİLGİ Worldwide

It aims to bring together the international students with students from Türkiye by organizing activities.


BILUM Club has been established so as to create a bridge between İstanbul Bilgi University and NGOs in order to strengthen the social responsibility aspect of BİLGİ. As its mission, it adopts the approach of being in solidarity for all the living beings in need of material and spiritual support. It conducts various social responsibility projects such as ‘Düşler Kavanozu,’ ‘Bir Varmış Bir Yokmuş bir yokmuş,’ ‘Tek Çatı Girişimi,’ and ‘Nar Harekatı.’ It also organizes many activities with various foundations and associations.

Meditation and Asana

Through meditation, the club aims to add practices in which students can control their thoughts, improve themselves in stress management, and can be physically supported with asanas (postures) that prepare them for meditation.

Paws of BİLGİ

Paws of BİLGİ works to cover shelter, health, food and other needs of stray animals living on the campuses of İstanbul Bilgi University as well as on the streets and forests. It also aims to raise the awareness of BİLGİ students about stray animals.

Radyo Vesaire

Radyo Vesaire aims to provide BİLGİ undergraduate and graduate students with experience in live internet radio broadcasting. It works to raise sectoral awareness and yield gains. In addition to being a platform of free thought for students, it also aims to increase their research skills.


It aims to unite all the Galatasaray supporters at BİLGİ under the same roof.

Uni Trabzon Supporters Club

It aims to unite all the people from Trabzon and all the Trabzonspor supporters at BİLGİ and organize various activities and events with them.

Warders of BİLGİ

Warders of BİLGİ Motorcycle Club aims to support young people who are interested in motorcycles to start riding in a proper and conscious manner. It aims to bring together the young motorcycle riders under the same roof to organize various activities and social responsibility projects together and introduce the motorcycle culture to the young people.

Young Fenerbahce Supporters Club

It aims to unite all the Fenerbahçe supporters at BİLGİ and to organize various activities and events with them.

Young Tema

Young Tema aims to help its members become individuals who are sensitive to environmental problems with an ecological perspective and carry out voluntary works for the resolution of these problems.