Social Responsibility And Hobby Clubs

Bi'Fark Club     

The club aims to work prejudices and discrimination against various groups in Turkey and in the world. It aims to identify and combat prejudice, difficulties and obstacles encountered in all areas of life and provide an egalitarian environment. To this end, it will be fed by the theoretical and practical studies, solutions and social sciences that it will support and the awareness will be gained.



It aims to organize cultural trips, interviews, international and national festivals, themed-parties etc. for BİLGİ students.


BİLGİ Open Door

It aims to create activities to prevent trauma and violence and to raise awareness in this field.


BİLGİ Comic Books Club

BİLGİ Comic Book Club aims to make detailed reading, discussion and analysis of both mainstream and independent comic books and comic books-based films with comic book lovers. In addition, to engage in the matter of “How to create a comic book?” through the comic books to be examined, the workshops and seminars to be held. On the one hand, while performing literary analysis on comic books within club activities; the club is also interested in the production, printing and publication of comic books. For this reason, it aims to appeal to those who want to meet people who enjoy reading comic books and share the same pleasure, and who want to take this interest one step further and enter the comic books industry.


BİLGİ Merge    

BİLGİ Merge Club focuses on conducting business in partnership with institutions and focuses on projects aimed at raising awareness of the concept of corporate social responsibility.


BİLGİ Fashion and Trend Club   

It aims to make people more conscious about all kinds of concepts, materials, life style which are fashionable or potentially to become a trend, and to raise awareness about the fact the fashion can be a significant part of our lives and it affects us not only in apparel but in every aspects of life. It organizes events to show how trends can be followed and prove that everyone can be creative in fashion. Finally, it aims to raise social responsibility awareness in the area of fashion.


BİLGİ Nar         

BİLGİ NAR works on victimization, ecology and solidarity. In addition to providing practical solutions to the victimizations experienced, it is a platform where students can freely discuss and broaden their vision about the background that causes these victimizations.


BİLGİ Sos-K Social Responsibility Club   

The club has been established with the aim of collaborating with various NGOs and foundations in the field of social responsibility. It aims to organize its own social responsibility activities raising social responsibility awareness and instilling social awareness to the members.


BİLGİ TOG        

The club aims to be beneficial for the society by producing various social responsibility projects in order to ensure the social peace and create spaces where young people can learn from each other.

Eagles of BİLGİ

To gather Beşiktaş fans at BİLGİ under a single roof and to organize various events where Beşiktaş is involved.

Paws of BİLGİ  

It works to cover shelter, health, food and other needs of stray animals living on the campuses of İstanbul Bilgi University as well as streets and forests. It also aims to raise the awareness of BİLGİ students of stray animals.

BILUM Club     

With a conscious of social responsibility, the club adopts a team spirit that respecting universal rights and freedoms, respecting pluralism and diversity, giving importance to transparency and accountability, sensitive to the problems of the country and the world, advocating benefit of all people and animals, that is to say all living creatures. It aims to create projects and organize activities on this purpose.

Easy Talk Community   

The main goal of the club is to recognize different cultures, spread cultural diversity as well as developing the foreign language skills. It also aims to improve students’ language skills while enjoying.

Ceramic Club   

To create an area where people interested in ceramics can meet once a week and to teach each other what they know, where the production laboratory can bring together different mediums such as ceramics and three-dimensional printing, and invite them from outside to receive training.


To gather Galatasaray supporter friends under the same roof.


University Young Fenerbahce Supporters Club 

To unite all Fenerbahçe supporter friends in our university, to go to matches with collective organizations, to organize social events and to unite all Fenerbahçe supporters under the roof of Fenerbahçe club.  



Warders Of BİLGİ


Warders of BİLGİ Motorcycle Club was founded to support young people to start riding appropriately and consciously as they interested in motorcycles, to gather young motorcycle riders in the university together, to realize the motorcycle culture to young people by organizing various activities and social responsibility projects.