Social Responsibility And Hobby Clubs

Bigezet Club

It aims to organize cultural trips, interviews, international and national festivals, themed-parties etc. for BİLGİ students.

Eagles of BİLGİ

It aims to bring Beşiktaş fans under the same roof at BİLGİ and to organize Beşiktaş-related events.

BİLGİ Merge Club

BİLGİ Merge Club aims to develop awareness projects within the scope of corporate social responsibility concept by collaborating with institutions.


BİLGİ NAR works on issues such as victimization, ecology, and solidarity. In addition to providing practical solutions to the victimizations that have been experienced, it is a platform where students can freely discuss and broaden their vision about the background that causes these victimizations.

BİLGİ Sos-K Social Responsibility Club

The club has been established with the aim of collaborating with various NGOs and foundations in the field of social responsibility. It aims to organize its own social responsibility activities increasing the awareness regarding social responsibility and instilling social awareness to the members.

Paws of BİLGİ

Paws of BİLGİ works to cover shelter, health, food and other needs of stray animals living on the campuses of İstanbul Bilgi University as well as on the streets and forests. It also aims to raise the awareness of BİLGİ students about stray animals.


BILUM Club has been established so as to create a bridge between İstanbul Bilgi University and NGOs in order to strengthen the social responsibility aspect of BİLGİ. As its mission, it adopts the approach of being in solidarity for all the living beings that are in need of material and spiritual support. It conducts various social responsibility projects such as ‘Düşler Kavanozu,’ ‘Bir Varmış Bir Yokmuş bir yokmuş,’ ‘Tek Çatı Girişimi,’ and ‘Nar Harekatı.’ It also organizes many activities with various foundations and associations.

Radyo Vesaire

Radyo Vesaire aims to provide BİLGİ undergraduate and graduate students with experience in internet radio broadcasting. It works to raise sectoral awareness and yield gains. In addition to being a platform of free thought for students, it also aims to increase their research skills.

Ceramic Club

Ceramic Club aims to bring together people who are interested in ceramic. The members can become a part of studies in which they can bring together different mediums such as ceramic and three dimensional printing and can receive training from ceramic artists.


It aims to bring Galatasaray supporters at BİLGİ under the same roof.

University Young Fenerbahce Supporters Club

It aims to unite all the Fenerbahçe supporters at BİLGİ and to organize various activities and events with them.

Warders Of BİLGİ

Warders of BİLGİ Motorcycle Club aims to support young people who are interested in motorcycles to start riding in a proper and conscious manner. It aims to bring together the young motorcycle riders under the same roof to organize various activities and social responsibility projects together and introduce the motorcycle culture to the young people.

BİLGİ Astronomy Club

BİLGİ Astronomy Club aims to increase the dialogue between those interested in astronomy as amateurs, to improve their knowledge by organizing seminars and conferences on the subject, to organize sky observation festivals or to participate in festivals.

BİLGİ Wish Volunteers Club

BİLGİ Wish Volunteers Club aims to execute the “Share My Dream” project in BİLGİ. With this project, the club tries to realize the wishes of the disadvantageous children.

BİLGİ Wellness Club

BİLGİ Wellness Club aims to encourage active living and healthy eating and to bring together those who want to practice this lifestyle.

The club includes people who take as an example all areas related to nutrition such as healthy foods, snacks, herbal teas, along with active life activities such as crossfit, pilates, meditation, tracking.

Awareness and Yoga Club

Awareness and Yoga Club aims to bring together those people who are willing to get to know themselves, their soul and body with mindfulness practices, yoga, and meditation.

Meditation and Asana

With meditation, the club aims to add practices in which students can control their thoughts, improve themselves in stress management, and can be physically supported with asanas (postures) that prepare them for meditation.