Social Responsibility And Hobby Clubs

AKUT Student Club

AKUT is indisputably the #1 search and rescue organization in Turkey, with the largest number of members and the broadest variety of specialized skills.

Community Volunteers

Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG) was founded in December 2002. TOG contributes to the personal development of young people through encouraging young people to participate in the social responsibility projects as volunteers. By this way, it increases the young people’s community involvement on a voluntary basis.

Muggle Quidditch

The Muggle Quidditch Club is established for the purpose to introduce this sport to our students and let them participate in the Muggle Quidditch tournaments.

Share my Dream

The mission of “Make a Wish Foundation Turkey” is to grant wishes of 3-18-year-old children with life-threatening .

BİLGİ Galatasaray Fan (Ultraaslan) Club

It organizes events regarding the supporters of the football club and goes to the matches altogether to raise awareness about being supporters .

Open Doors Club

It conducts informative studies in terms of prevention of violence and traumas.

Friendly Gathering

The Friendly Gathering Club is established for the purpose of organizing events to students for enjoyable and collaborative educational life.

Food and Travel Club

The Food and Travel Club is established for the purpose to reveal the richness of the local delicacies in the field of gastronomy. We will focus on nature and culture, as well as on the kitchen and taste issues.


Young TEMA Club

The Young TEMA Club is established for the purpose to create effective and conscious public opinion on environmental problems like biodiversity loss, climate change etc.

Uni TS

Trabzonspor are one of the leading football clubs of Turkey whose fame has already passed beyond the borders of the country, reaching Europe and rest of the world.

Non-purpose Club

Bring together people with different thoughts and ideas.

There’s Life in the Shelter

It conducts studies regarding the conditions of the animals in the streets and in shelters, creates public opinion, and tries to raise awareness.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Club

It aims to share information and events regarding science fiction and fantasy genres of literature.

Bilgi Accessible Education Unit Club

It aims to come together with the disabled people, listen to and develop projects related with them with the thought that every individual is a potential candidate for disability in mind.

Travel and Events Club

It organized various trips and events oriented to entertainment and culture.

Robotics Club

It conducts researches and implements projects in the field of robotics.

TED College Alumni Club

It was established to continue the spirit of TED in universities and exhibit its difference.

Fenerbahce Supporters Club

Students who will be gathered under Fenerbahçe roof contribute to social activities and improve themselves.

Green Lovers Club

Its objective is to explore the undiscovered parts of nature, know new cultures, live in the heart of nature, and safeguard anything involving nature and greens.

The Internationals

This club is initiated to give the international students the opportunity to get to know eachother and engage in social activities that allows them to have a richer student life. This club will be entirely in English.

BILGI Law Social Responsibility

To conduct activities that enhances the awareness of social responsibility.

Yardım Eli Social Responsibility Club

Bridging over the hand that gives and the hand that receives, Yardımeli started with good deeds in line with the principle of "Food for the Heart, Food for the Head".


It was founded to carry out joint studies with the foundations in the field of social responsibility.

BILGI Station

BILGI Station uses video and social media for the aim of experience sharing through professionals to the younger generations and also social responsibility studies for the animals.

Eagles Of BILGI

To bring together the Beşiktaş supporters who are the students of the University under the same roof.

Travel and Photography Club

BİLGİ Kızılay-Red Crescent

Achieving social solidarity, promoting the adoption of the Red Crescent, promoting participation in activities, and developing by organizing interviews with opinion leaders.