2015-2016 Academic Year Exchange Programs - Placement Interviews Schedule and Procedure

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Please click here for the Placement Interviews Schedule

Please also remember;


-          The interviews will be conducted in English (for those who will be placed at a university where the language of instruction will be other languages, the interview might be conducted in those languages as well),

-          Each student must be ready 10 minutes before the scheduled time,

-          Interview grading for bilateral programs will be added to total score as 10%,

-          Excuses for not attending the interviews are subject to the Article 30 of the Examination Legislation of Istanbul Bilgi University  

For Turkish version of the Examination Legislation of Istanbul Bilgi University  


For English version of the Examination Legislation of Istanbul Bilgi University  


-          Students who are abroad must add our sykpe user name on their accounts and inform us that they added our account via erasmus@bilgi.edu.tr no later than March 27th, 12:00 hours (Skype user name: bilgi.erasmus)

-          Placement results will be announced on the April 13th, 2015,

-          Placed students must submit Written Committment (TO BE FILLED ELECTRONICALLY) to International Center-Erasmus Office, Santral CSM building, room 108 no later than April 20th, 2015 (click here for Turkish document and click here for English),

-          Placed students are responsible for following our information e-mails and announcements concerning Orientation Program, Document submission, etc.,

-          All students are responsible for reading our web site that provides sufficient information about the rules, criteria, conditions, calendar, procedure and principles of the Exchange programs,


We wish you success with your interviews.