Seminer: "The Agenda for Design Entrepreneurship"

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Konuşmacı: Andrea Tosi (Domus Academy)
Tarih: 3 Nisan 2013, Salı
Saat: 10.00-12.00
Yer: santralistanbul Kampüsü, E2-302

Bio: Andrea Tosi
Andrea Tosi has a background in user experience design, he worked as researcher and user experience designer at CNR Istituto di Psicologia ¬ Roma and DARC Milano. He is the director of the master Course in Business Design at Domus Academy and he is specialized in managing the transformation processes, applying design methodology to non-design fields, brand and product identity strategies. He collaborates with companies and creative agencies as designer, business designer and strategic planner. 

The statement of this lecture is that Design is no more just a craft or an aesthetic formalism, but a methodology, consequently Design can be adopted to explore new domains and unexplored territories, including business.

In an era without no more barriers in entry the market, where the production and the distribution, especially online, are more and more accessible, there is new need of Design as key element to start experimental companies around a creative ideas of product, services and platform for precise target and accurate market niches.

The seminar will be structured in 2 parts: the introduction to provide the audience with an initial background about the new perspective of Design Entrepreneurship, the latter will be an "open" checklist of action to be done for starting creative ventures.