Seminer: "Analyzing Gender Across Transnational Spaces and Migrations"

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"Analyzing Gender Across Transnational Spaces and Migrations: Gendered Geographies of Power Framework"

Konuşmacı: Doç. Dr. Sarah J. Mahler (Florida International University, Department of Anthropology)

Tarih: 10 Haziran 2013
Saat: 13:30-15:00
Yer: Dolapdere Kampüsü, Mütevelli Heyeti Odası

Bu seminer, İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Göç Çalışmaları Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi tarafından düzenlenmiştir.

İletişim: / 0212 311 53 50

Sarah J. Mahler is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and former Director of the Center for Transnational and Comparative Studies at Florida International University in Miami. She teaches in FIU’s interdisciplinary social science department – Global & Sociocultural Studies. For most of her career, her research and publications have focused on Latin American and Caribbean migration to the United States and the development of transnational ties between migrants and their home communities.  She and colleagues pioneered bringing gender into this transnational perspective. In recent years, she has returned to an early inquietude about enculturation, addressing the “nature” of culture by emphasizing how young children acquire culture and how this understanding can and should dramatically impact how we study and also do culture.  This perspective and many of its implications appear in her newest book Culture as Comfort (2013) and on her website:  She has also embarked on translating the book’s ideas into virtual and augmented reality applications—to aid people to overcome cultural inhibitions by practicing cultural discomforts in cyberspace.