Değişim Programları için İngilizce Yeterlik Sınavı

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14 Mart 2015 Cumartesi günü yapılacak "Değişim Programları için İngilizce Yeterlik Sınavı" hakkında bilgi aşağıdadır:

Dear students,

We would like to announce that English Language Proficiency Exam (Speaking and written exams) will be held on 14th March 2015Saturday.

Please click Speaking Part and click Written Part for the information about the English Language Proficiency Exam.

All students are asked to be ready 15 minutes before the exam together with their student identity cards. No students will be allowed to participate in the exam without their identity cards.

The results will be announced after 18th March 2015. Please follow your e-mail accounts, SIS pages and our web page for further announcements.

We wish you all good luck with your exam.

International Office