Sertifika Programı: "International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution"

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International Construction Contracts and Dispute  Resolution - The Example of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract

Date: 20-25 February 2015
Time: 17.00-21.00 (for 22, Sunday: 14.00-18.00)
Place: Dolapdere Campus 

Lecturer: Elliott Geisinger (Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd, Geneva/President, Swiss Arbitration Association)

İstanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Law will present a certificate program in English regarding International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution to be held by Elliott Geisinger (CV), President of the Swiss Arbitration Association.

The nature of large-scale, international construction projects has resulted in international construction contracts having particular features that differentiate them from other commercial contracts. Standard forms of contract have developed which reflect best practices in the construction industry. Along with these forms of contract, the construction industry has favoured special methods of resolving the disputes arising out of a construction project. This six-day course will be divided into three parts.

The first part of the course will explore the nuts and bolts of international construction contracts. We will begin by looking at the various entities involved in a construction contract and how a typical construction project progresses from start to finish. We will also briefly look at selected other ways of structuring construction contracts. The course will also address briefly the implications of the law applicable to the contract. We will then go on to look at standard form international construction contracts and examine the most widely used standard form  the FIDIC Red Book.

The second part of the course will provide an overview of the dispute resolution methods adapted to international construction contracts. In particular, this part of the course will begin by examining the procedures for resolving disputes under the FIDIC Red Book as well as the final determination of disputes by ICC arbitration.

The third part of the course will cover a set of selected issues that typically arise in international construction projects. For each selected issue, the course will provide an overview of the main sub-issues involved, examine certain practical matters and describe how they are regulated in the FIDIC Red Book. Then, for each issue, the course will describe how these matters are typically handled in arbitration. The selected issues are: time and delays; price, payment and variations; defects; and termination of the contract.

Lectures will be presented 18-20 and 23-25 February evenings at the Dolapdere Campus (17:00-21:00 hours). A certificate of attendance shall be given to participants who have attended the full program.

All lecture materials are in English and the participants will access the materials online with a password provided after registration.

For registration:
Tel. 0212 311 7216/7219

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Program Fee: 1,000 TL 
For students who do not take the course LAW 324 and trainee lawyers: 200 TL 
University lecturers may attend the program for free but places are limited.

To attend this program prior registration is mandatory.
Latest registration date is 17 February 2015
Places are limited.