Doktora Öğrencileri

Aşkın Zafer Saltoğlu Dissertation Topic: Creation of a Specific Organizational Narrative: Communication during the Process of Restructuring Advisor: Beyza Oba

Burçe Budanur Dissertation Topic: Cultural Economy of Istanbul: The Cluster of Cinema Advisor: Evren Hoşgör

Canan Urhan Dissertation Topic: Construction of Professional Identity through Consumption of Self Help: The Case of Turkish Female Professionals Advisor: Ahmet Süerdem

Cihan Yılmaz Dissertation Topic: Structuration Process in Social Capital Formation: Interaction Between Individual Cognitive Structure and Network Embeddedness Advisor: Ahmet Süerdem

Duygu Salman Öztürk   Dissertation Topic: Islamic Influences on Organizational Culture Advisor: Gideon Kunda

Duygu Uygur Ph.D Dissertation Topic: An Ethnographic Study of Human Resources Advisor: Gideon Kunda

Ece Şahmalı Dissertation Topic: How Organizations React and Adapt to New Management Systems at the Individual, Departmental and Organizational Levels. Advisor: Ufuk Çakmakçı

Elvin Yelgeçen  Dissertation Topic: Relations between Institutional Environment and Board of Directors: A Study of Turkish Listed Firms Advisor: Beyza Oba

Emel Mashaki Ceyhan  Dissertation Topic: Impact of Health Reforms & Regulatory Approaches on the Organizational Models of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Turkey Advisor: Evren Hoşgör

Göknur Gündoğan Dissertation Topic: La Conversion Des Friches Industrielles En Des Lienx Culturels Advisor: Serhan Ada

Hayrettin Bülent Metiner Dissertation Topic: Value Relevance of Internal Controls within Organizations Advisor: Faruk Fırat

Levent Ünal  Dissertation Topic: The Impact of Vertical and Horizontal Diversification on Firm Performance Advisor: Ufuk çakmakçı

Mehmet Nuri Velicangil  Dissertation Topic: Strategies of Product Development in Software Industry Advisor: Beyza Oba  

Meriç Bıçakçıoğlu  Dissertation Topic: Corporate Elites in Turkey Advisor: Beyza Oba

Murat Unanoğlu  Dissertation Topic: Founder-roots of Nation Based Brand Development Program: Turquality.      Advisor: Ahmet Süerdem

Nalan Gürol  Dissertation Topic: The Influence of Neo-liberal Policies in Working Places: Changing Aspects of Being an Academic Staff in Private Universities of Turkey. Advisor: Kenan Çayır

Orhan Seyman  Dissertation Topic: Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in the New Era Internet, Social Media and e-Marketing Advisor: Barış Yılmazsoy

Ömer Vatanartıran Dissertation Topic: The Representation of Organizations in and through Social Media Advisor: Erkan Saka

Özgür Akarsu  Dissertation Topic: Organizational Development and Change: Effects on Work Practice Advisor: Elif Çiçekli

Serdal Türkmen Dissertation Topic: How Networks Affect Small and Medium Sized Entities in Searching for Capital and Banking Industry Advisor: Ahmet Süerdem

Sırma Sönmezer  Dissertation Topic: An analysis of Generation X and Generation Y Employees in the Talent Pool of Multinational Corporations in Turkey. Advisor: Ahmet Süerdem

Tolga Gemicioğlu  Dissertation Topic: Enactment of New Ideas in Organizations Using Social Representation Theory Advisor: Ahmet Süerdem Yusuf Çukurçayır Dissertation Topic: Corporate Governance in Family Owned Companies Advisor: Beyza Oba

Tayfun Kürşat Tayfur Dissertation Topic: Second Generation Islamic Bourgeoisie in Turkey Advisor: TBA

Ömer Faruk Özsakarya  Dissertation Topic and Advisor: TBA

Oğuz Cıdam Dissertation Topic and Advisor: TBA

İbrahim Gürdal Atsüren  Dissertation Topic and Advisor: TBA

Mahmut Ufuk Fakıoğlu  Dissertation Topic and Advisor: TBA

Veysel Sinan Geylani  Dissertation Topic and Advisor: TBA